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Site of new house on Bantam Lake with boreholes planned to the right.


  Loop entered house here.


Congratulations to the Building Committee on your September 30 ground breaking ceremony.

Shown here with the city mayor, the architect and general contractor, geothermal boreholes I designed were quickly drilled.


 Who needs coal, when ground heat is so cheap?

  Drilling starts 103013 to replace this Norwalk furnace.

Litchfield Boiler planned for geo.


Thank you to the 200 engineers around the country who paid for my SUNCAM geothermal course and "The Energy Audit of an Existing Home" at discount this summer.  Engineers know a bargain, and ground energy is just that!



All this rain we had is great for horizontal and vertical closed loop systems. Note how entering water temps were about 20 degrees lower than air source temps, at the beginning of summer meaning the geo compressor works less than the air source compressor.  And in autumn, ground is still cooler than air.  We love our lower electric bills from ground source, not air source cooling.



We submitted an extensive proposal to provide design and inspection services

for a new development proposed on this gorgeous property.  August, 2013


 3 boreholes

designed by Litchfield Geothermal for this lovely New York State library. Upper right.


This air handler in the attic (photo below) is planned for replacement by an eight ton ground source heat pump.


April 2013 west of the Hudson River

April 2013  Fairfield County


March 2013 Pete Delivers a 6 ton heat pump in his SUV, for loop he designed below.



This is the preliminary layout of the 18 bore project.  Completed job will be posted after bidding is complete.

Residential Geothermal Heat Pumps in Fort Wayne, IN     Jan. 14, 2013.

Photo taken by Pete before plant tour.

Test bore Dec 2013

Before beginning an extensive bore field program this Spring, we drilled and logged a single test bore hole here as shown.

Bore hole results were great!



Quality of Life is a Function of Energy     Q L = f (E)

Don't waste that giant storage battery under your home.




Happy July, 2012 to all of you who are enjoying inexpensive air conditioning this summer.


Thank you for advancing the geothermal industry,


With over 20 installation projects approved for client rebate by the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund,

Litchfield Geothermal looks forward to the future installations without rebates, based on economics of the process itself.


Of interest this month

is a retrofit where we are not replacing an entire heat pump, but changing out the coaxial heat exchanger only.

A design was submitted for a California job, where the integrated use of both open and closed loop combine

to move heat away from the boreholes by advection.

Approval was received for the new horizontal bore design for new housing.

Loops will run from front yard to back yard 20' below house.

This process is available to new clients.


Congratulations to Forbes magazine for finally recommending that people buy ClimateMaster and WaterFurnace stock.


The nationwide 1/2 hour webinar I conducted before Memorial Day was very well received.


Three day raining workshops in the USA were great in May and June.

I trained installers in Iowa, Indiana, California and Arizona.

We all have so much in common!

I was pleased to be introduced as IGSHPA's Trainer with the highest percent pass rate

of candidates taking the NATE test, which I administered.

In 2012 I have conducted 11 three day workshops in nine separate states in the first half of the year.


I was also pleased to author and copyright an article in comic book format for Children to understand geothermal. 

Here it is in power point format for new power point programs in .pptx

Geo for kidz   A graphic artist has been retained to enhance this and we will add sound and turn it into a Youtube video in a few weeks.

Or the earlier version: Here's Geo Booklet for Kidz.







Very few commercial projects could meet the CT prevailing wage condition for rebate, but here is one:

Peter Tavino PE PC Installer, working with Connecticut Wells, Inc., to heat and cool the five story library shown.

(Saturday night, the client reminded me to have future clients call him for a favorable recommendation.)

(Full project photo gallery here.)


Available at workshops: You tube videos of a bore field installation.



Happy February 2012 to all of you enjoying Ground Source Heating this winter.

Thank you for advancing the geothermal industry,

and for placing less fuel oil soot - smoke in our beautiful Connecticut air.



From my brother Tom:

Hi Pete,
You're welcome. Hope it was a good week.
Before I forget, after a few cups of coffee I came up with a few more slogans/marketing ideas for Geothermal. ...
We already did:    Geothermal-dirt cheap
 "Where is next great source of energy for America?... You're standing on it."
Geothermal- Nature's contribution to your energy bill
 And my favorite:
Want to find out how to save a ton on heating and cooling costs?... Do a little digging.


Your idea Energy from the Ground Up has been taken, but these are fantastic. Thanks Tom!



With CL&P electric rates dropping 7.5% in 2012,

the geothermal Return on Investment time drops dramatically!


Look for an informative article in Norfolk Now magazine Feb 2012 issue

about our successful geothermal project there last month.


As niece Kristen just said, when told our living room area was heated from the ground:
"It feels like a warm hug".



17 Litchfield Geothermal clients have been approved for over $150,000 in Energy rebates.

And many new Installers have been accredited by IGSHPA,

 as I ranked fourth nationally among all Trainers in 2011.

January was great training Dept of Defense personnel in geothermal in Virginia.

I look for continued success in late 2012, as an ACCA Quality Contractor.




Peter Tavino PE PC Installer, working with Connecticut Wells, Inc., to heat and cool the five story library shown. September, 2011.

(Full project photo gallery here.)



And as I start my 5th year of heating with trouble free geothermal in my own house,

I see how quickly the investment has paid off.

And how much fuel oil I have not purchased.

With winter approaching, it's 70 degrees inside versus 20F outside already.

T1 minus T2 = 70 - 20 = 50 degrees Delta T, is easily handled by geothermal.

And remember Delta T is not just a beverage served on airlines.   :)