Thomaston Pond Project:


November 2010, Loop Installation is complete, with Peter Tavino PE oversight, and work by owner/excavator Tim Bobroske.

Tim and Peter installed a similar 2" HDPE loop last year at the Maple Street job.

The pond has been divided into two separate pools, one for each 4 ton loop.

Winter 2009 scene with the loop pipes to be beneath the pond.


Here is a text book schematic drawing.


This is the plan above approved by the local Wetlands Commission.

Here is the text of the study showing the maximum increase in pond temperature is not harmful at 0.79 degrees Fahrenheit.

The pond in May 2010 ready for berming and dewatering in three stages.

The building foundation was poured, and conduit sleeves were placed beneath the slab as seen under the step ladder.

The first pool is dewatered downstream, and the bottom dredged per the Wetlands approved permit.

The loop is installed with cover so that beavers cannot reach it.

Instead of the slinky design configuration, loop is installed in similar straight runs.


The loop is buried in the wet sandy strata about 7' deep. This 10' loop portion was temporarily raised for reference.

Loop 1 is backfilled with sandy material and slowly flowing water cover. Loop 2 leaves building in second location (lower right).

Loop 2 on reel partially installed in second pool bay.

The loop reel unrolls freely at end of excavator thanks to axle Tim set up.

The second loop is covered.

The first loop now totally underwater as level rises again to its natural level.


Inside the basement, the 1000 foot  marker is shown as Loop 1 enters and returns through the sleeves.

Here, holding pressure since last week, it is ready to hook up to geothermal water to air heat pumps.


Twin Non pressurized flow centers ready to attach to pond loop.


Peter Tavino calculated the propylene glycol antifreeze at 27 gallons per loop, and conveniently an inexpensive 55 gallon drum fills both.

One of four 2 ton GeoComfort Water to Air Heat Pumps installed for each residential unit.


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