Granby Connecticut Homeowner Bill and IGSHPA installer Pete together oversee installation of 750' of trench for 1500' of pipe, dug, installed, & covered in one day.

Sleeve was installed under slab, when addition was built years ago.


Bill operates his backhoe to dig near house.

Rented Cat Excavator digs trench. Laborer Jim also helped.

Dig and backfill all at once.

Backhoe lifts 500' Loop Reel


1 1/4" Loop is fed into trench

Twin pipe layout terminates with wide return radius.

Job in cleared wooded area, not lawn.

In summer, foliage blocks sun when cool ground is desired.

In winter sun heats ground without leaf interference.

Follow up was to splice the 3 separate circuits into common manifold feeds into and out of the house.  Accessible by cover splice box chamber to be set.


Posted Nov. 27, 2010.