Happy December to everyone who supports Ground Source Energy.


As niece Kristen just said, when told our living room area was heated from the ground:
"It feels like a warm hug".


Litchfield Geothermal is currently contracted to run ten projects:

5 projects in Litchfield County,

3 in Fairfield County and 2 in New Haven County.

Our clients have been approved for over $100,000 in Clean Energy rebates.


As I start my 5th year of heating with trouble free geothermal in my own house,

I see how quickly the investment has paid off.

And how much fuel oil I have not purchased.

With winter approaching, it's 70 degrees inside versus 40F outside already.

T1 minus T2 = 70 - 40 = 30 degrees Delta T, is easily handled by geothermal.

And remember Delta T is not just a beverage served on airlines.   :)



The current energy topic that's all the rage is the ERR:

The Energy Return Ratio = Energy put into a project versus Energy out.

National Society of Professional Engineers magazine has a good article this month.

So too does World Wide Geothermal Resources magazine in the November issue.

That article was authored by me.

I was pleased to show that ground source energy projects do not use a lot of energy.

Geothermal makes good sense scientifically, whether financially subsidized or not.

My November WWGR article will be posted as soon as it gets published in a few days.


And in December look for an article on how geothermal helps builders adhere

to the new international Energy Conservation Code, adopted in Connecticut October 7.






Congratulations to all the fine folks at Gunn Memorial Library,

for the successful ground loop system we installed together.

Thank you for recognizing me in your first newsletter article below!

I also appreciate your recognition in the Antiques Show program 9/30/11.

Any attendee is entitled to a free on site consultation by presenting the Litchfield Geothermal ad.

Congratulations to everyone at Gunn Memorial Library

for heating & cooling your lovely environment with

clean, efficient, geothermal ground source energy.

It has been my pleasure to design & oversee your project.

Attendees of the 2011 Washington Antiques Show may present this ad for a free at-home consultation, to learn if converting from fuel oil to geothermal is best for them.

Peter Tavino, Professional Engineer





Peter Tavino PE PC Installer, working with Connecticut Wells, Inc., to heat and cool the five story library shown. September, 2011.

(Full project photo gallery here.)





From one of last year's installation clients:

Hi Pete,

 Just have to tell you how great the Geo is working.

 106o outside yesterday  74o or as cold as we want it.

We are very happy.


Air conditioning season is wonderful, when you know you are rejecting heat from your house into the land you own, very inexpensively and wisely. And for next winter, with the price of fuel oil going up, past clients are delighted they invested in geothermal. And soot particulates are not being emitted up chimneys. Tropical Storm Irene had no impact to underground geothermal loops.


Special Thanks to the CT Clean Energy Fund, who has awarded Litchfield Geothermal clients over $100,000 in rebates because the systems meet performance standards. 

Rebates and tax credits help compete against fossil fuel heating subsidized indirectly with ($4 billion annual) investment tax and depreciation credits to oil and gas companies. And local jobs are created installing geo.  It's win, win, win!


Did you see magazine ?

Peter Tavino's June article on loop sizing sizing software was found on pages 3, 9 and 14.

In October is my article on Geothermal Training.

In November was my article on Energy Used to Install Geothermal.

Un December, my article is about geothermal and The International Energy Conservation Code.

See all published articles here.

Publishing and Training helps others understand Geothermal!



Connecticut Certified, Experienced Installers and Designers of Clean, Inexpensive Horizontal or Vertical Closed Earth Loop Heating and Cooling Systems for New and Existing Buildings.

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Geothermal Projects:

July 2011 Eleven ton loop pictures

Pictures from Maple St. Project

Sample Design Plans by Peter

Drilled Borehole Jobs

Sept. 2011 Library Boreholes

South Street Project

Thomaston Pond Project

O Little Town Project

One kilometer of Horizontal Trench

3 ton loop, 1 day install

Geothermal Training & Education

Published articles by Peter Tavino

As a Connecticut Professional Engineering Corporation, and Accredited Geothermal Installer, here's what we do for clients



 We are proud to be approved  by the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund as a fully Eligible Contractor:


You are now approved as an eligible contractor in CCEF's geothermal rebate program.  As you know, the contractor status is not differentiated on the website but your status is now changed here at CCEF.

Thanks for your continued efforts with geothermal in CT.




Thanks to everyone helping to promote geothermal heating and cooling at the Governor's residence.

Here's our pdf  proposal.


Three sets of geothermal system homeowner rebates are available:

1. 30% federal tax credit on all geothermal costs.

2. $1200 per ton up to 6 tons for a home retrofit from CT Clean Energy Fund:

3. $500 per ton up to three tons from CL&P:

So if 3 tons can be installed for $20,000. inclusive, subtract  $6,000 from tax credit, $3,600 from CCEF and $1500 from CL&P.

  Total cost = $8,900. (pending W-9 policies, to not take a tax credit for the CCEF rebate = 30% of $3600 = $1080) =$9980.

And tax credit is not subject to the Alternative Minimum Tax.

Your electric bill will increase slightly, but you stop buying heating oil.


(My electric bill was only $230 this January to heat 2000 sf and power 4000 sf. at $0.20 per KWhr.!) $162 for a month of AC and power.




1993: The Department of Energy (DOE) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have both endorsed ground source heat pump systems as among the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly heating, cooling, and water heating systems available.

2010:  In northern Europe 3/4 of newly constructed buildings use geothermal.


Tap the resource of your property, not as easy as at right, but close!





Litchfield Geothermal Project Status in December, 2011.

Map legend: Numbers for projects of last few years.  Letters for activity locations:



Litchfield Geothermal Project Status in December, 2011.

 Map legend: Numbered: projects of last two years. Lettered: activity locations:

 Litchfield Geothermal Project locations & descriptions:

1. South Street, 2 1/2 ton 730' long loop, operating great 2 1/2 years.

2. Maple Street, 3 ton with 1000' loop & 2 ton 850' loop. First CCEF rebate project in state.

3. Buell Rd project in July, 2005, laid out geo bore hole separation from SSDS.

4. Northfield Firehouse conversion to affordable housing, free bore hole & cost consultations.

5. Milton designed 1000' loop in horse meadow was flagged out.

6. Milton design around existing septic system, prior to 10' separation requirement..

7. North Street layout studied, abandoned due to lawn sprinkler & sewer line.

8. Wisdom House buildings, provided complete estimate for 9 tons.

9. Livingston Ripley Waterfowl Sanctuary provided complete estimate for 14 tons.

10. Litchfield Woods, new home construction, layout, but not implemented.

11. Donation of a free consultation for Library benefit.  Laid out loop around pool.

12. Bethlehem residence. Installation completed August 9, 2010 for 7 tons. 1800' of loop.

13. Thomaston Pond paid for 12 ton pond loop design.  8 tons of Loop were installed.

14. New Preston retrofit studied. Energy audit only.

15. New Preston 4 acre lot for sale with 1000' loop laid out.

16. Mine Hill Road, Bridgewater, 4 acre lot with 4 ton loop designed.

17. Norfolk 1700' loop designed for residential retrofit.

18. Warren on site paid consultation for excavating contractor re driveway & geo.

19. Watertown, paid to design two loops around the PJTJ PEPC designed septic for new home.

20. Harwinton, laid out and gave estimate for historic house with pond.

21. Morris, reviewed existing unique AC 100' long piping tunnel, and proposed geo.

22. Hartford museum, paid consultant re design, CCEF application & inspection of 8 boreholes system.

23. Glastonbury, inspected feasibility with owner, of the tree cleared back yard & house for 3 tons.

24. Yorktown, NY, paid to lay out twin loop per Westchester wetlands regulations.

25. Mahopac, NY, designed 3 ton loop away from formerly designed septic.

26.  Providence Acres, designed Florida air conditioning dominant 4 ton loop.

27. Buell Rd, Litchfield. Installed one kilometer (3450LF) of loop under lawns for 13 tons.

28. Cheshire, CT, proposed but would not advance a slinky coil, where 2 boreholes are better.

29. Osborn Rd Litchfield addition, with proposed future solar and geothermal.

30. New home in Essex, CT. Chose 2 boreholes, drilled & grouted, instead of slinky and 8 pipe.

31. Certifying installer for 2 boreholes & 5 tons geo in new Middlebury home on hold with CCEF.

32. Paid Consultant to help in radiant floor heat design at new Fairfield County home.

33. Certifying installer for new Westport home, 3 boreholes with Reverse Return manifold were inspected.

34. Telephone consultation of feasibility of Fairfield County open loop system near lake.

35. Norfolk Rd., Litchfield. Assessment of loop field in yard. Energy Audit complete.

36. New Fairfield, CT. Vertical Borehole retrofit in planning stage.

37. Bantam Lake rebuild, Morris, CT. Planned boreholes for geo.

38. Granby horizontal fused loop.  Project is Litchfield Geo's 7th full application to CCEF in 2009/10.

39. Plainville Long Island, paid consultation to compare bids.

40. Torrington, CT performed ACCA J load for 2 proposed boreholes.

41. Hutchinson  Pkwy Litchfield home tour and interview, where geo is not feasible.

42. Reviewed plans for new dog kennel with radiant geo heat in New York State.

43. Bid on proposed new LEED certified house in Norwalk, and house in Madison.

44. Participated in meeting as consultant for 15000sf Danbury mfrg bldg considering using existing well.

45. Selected as Installer on Middlebury LEED house. Application approved. Drilling complete.

46. Paid to advise on retrofit of radiator heated home in West Hartford, CT.

47. Conducted VIP Verification of Installed Performance test. Bid to do just VIP on Water to Water.

48. Reviewed bid documents, and commented on specs for Branford Fire House 29 borehole job.

49. Began planning work with on site meetings at two Litchfield homes.

50. Prepared sketches for a geothermal shopping center over a coal mine in Illinois.

51. Prospect CT new home, retroactive rebate installer for 6 ton heat pump.

52. Proposed geothermal heating and cooling for Governor's Residence. (See link above)

53. Toured White Memorial. Saw the borehole and 11 ton system in place by others.

54. Laid out a new horizontal loop and basement plan for White Memorial, pending their decision.

55. Proposals given for residential retrofits in Bridgewater and Sharon.

56.Boreholes complete at Gunn Memorial Library, Washington, CT. 30 ton heat pump shipped.

57. Planning to install a horizontal loop with owner, Southington, CT.

58.  11 ton retrofit loop, installed for Washington, CT residence. 3 Heat Pumps in test mode.

59. CCEF application approved for 6 tons at a Norfolk, CT residence. Wragg Well Drilling begins 10/3.

60. CCEF application approved for 7 tons drilled at a Sherman, CT residence.

61. Filed CCEF applications for homes in Norwalk (approved) and Ridgefield for an HVAC contractor.

62. Filed CCEF application for Washington, CT home. Bid documents prepared.



Related Geothermal activity:

A. Exhibited at Kent Energy Fair February, 2010.

B. Litchfield Community Center & Wolcott Library free Lectures on geothermal energy..

C. Naugatuck Valley Com. College, geo course instructor 3/24 to 4/14/10.

D. Poughkeepsie, house weatherization and ran Blower Door Test.

E. New Hampshire Water / Energy conference on geothermal heat pumps.

F.  Bangor Maine, passed Building Performance Institute certification test (82%).

G. Dallas, TX, attended IGSHPA annual convention and exhibit.

H. Manchester, NH passed Energy Audit field test (98%).

I.  Natick, MA, passed geothermal certification test (99%).

J.  Jacksonville, FL, author of 3 on line courses for PE's.

K. New Haven, CT 3 day course by Enertech showing Hydron Modules

L. Stillwater, OK June 7-11, 2010; passed week long training at IGSHPA

M. Day long PEX pipe, radiant heating seminar in Hartford, CT.

N. Middlesex Community College geo course instructor Oct. 6 -Nov10, 2010.

O. Albany, NY, Workshop taught (14 of 17 passed) by Peter Tavino, Sept. 9-11, 2010.

P. Passed Drillers Training Workshop in South Carolina, July 31-Aug. 2, 2010.

Q. Was installer test proctor, Poughkeepsie, NY.

R. Planning to teach 5 workshops at SUNY campuses in 2011.

R. Calverton, LI seminar featuring Pump Open Loop attended by Mary and Peter.

S. Denver, CO IGSHPA convention. Paper on CCEF  presented by Peter 10/28/10.

T. Exhibitor and Panelist at Litchfield Energy Expo. 11/6/10.

U. Met with Empire State Well Drillers in Catskill Mountains about providing Driller Training.

V. Attended ASHRAE meeting in Cromwell on Geothermal with Florida Heat Pump/ Bosch

W. Exhibitor and panel speaker at Litchfield High School Energy Forum. 11/6/10.

X. Planned, moderated meeting to form an IGSHPA Connecticut Chapter.11/10/10.

Y. Sent comment letter to Dept of Consumer Protection on proposed geo regulations.

Z. Attended Waterbury daylong conference of American Ground Water Trust, Nov 16.

A1. Attended Massachusetts seminar by ClimateMaster regional Vice President.

B1. Attended and testified at Public Hearing for new Connecticut Geo and Well drilling code.

C1. Enrolled in 2 day Washington DC Geothermal Designer course.

D1. Took on-line Geothermal Designer exam, requiring 70% to pass & received 92%.

E1. Published as author of geothermal article in Natural Awakenings magazine.

F1. Advertised to train installers in World Wide Geothermal Resource magazine.

G1. 3 day trained and proctor tested eight potential installers on Long Island.

H1.  Attended ductless heat pump seminar at CL&P.

I1. Applied for NY State approved installer for NYSERDA rebates.

J1. 3 day trained and proctor tested four potential installers, Poughkeepsie, NY

L1. Approved GeoExchange Designer. 1 of 10 in Connecticut. (Called 2/21/11)

M1. Standards Committee Chair and first webmaster CT Chapter of IGSHPA.

N1. Rewrote/ updated the 2 year old  geothermal trench course.

O1. Half day meeting in Litchfield with ClimateMaster V.P. Richard Gibson

P1. 6 straight days of Training in NY, very successful. Later 3 days in Kingston, NY.

Q1. Webmaster here and at state IGSHPA chapter. Launched new platform for both sites.

R1. Invited to chair a session on geothermal heat pumps at summit in Dalian China (pending)

S1. Attended EPA seminar in Massachusetts for New England regulators.

T1. Wrote an article in the June issue of magazine.

U1. Attended day long American Ground Water Trust conference in Boxborough, Mass.

V1. Attended ASHRAE meeting in LEED building at Smith College.

W1. Color magazine ad about Training receiving responses from GeoOutlook magazine.

X1. Trained 7 potential Installers in late May at Greenway Environmental on Long Island. (6 of 7 passed.)

Y1. Tenth training workshop - 7 potential installers at Dutchess Community College.

Z1. Oversaw an archaeology study for our project. Redesigned loop away from stone flakes, for no delay.

A2. Member of New England Geothermal Professionals Association.

B2. Working with HeatSpring to train vertical installers planned for Portland Maine in November.

C2.  Announced 4 fall, 2011 training sessions on IGSHPA website.

D2. October Article on Geothermal Training published in Worldwide Geothermal Resources magazine.

E2. November Article on Energy Used to Install a Loop Field accepted at Worldwide Geothermal Resources magazine.

F2. Attended REEBA meeting and spoke with Bryan Garcia and Dan Esty 9/21.

G2. Completed Orientation for ACCA Quality Assured program.

H2. Drafted article for HeatSpring Magazine.



Peter Tavino PE is an accredited geothermal installer, designer & trainer,

working with Carl LePere, and other S-1 HVAC licensed contractors.

We are approved by the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund.






Please contact me directly at:



or fax Mary and Pete at (860) 567-4226.


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