Enjoy the many pictures of our various installations on this long page.

 Litchfield Geothermal inspects loop installation of one of 15 boreholes we designed for new construction in New York State.

Litchfield Geothermal inspects the Thermal Conductivity Test of the New York test borehole.

We have secured a NYSERDA rebate for this project and one from the utility company.

See video here:


Drilling in tight spaces to make a system happen.


System with each borehole having its own separate trench to the house

Loop pipes extended 45 feet in an inaccessible crawl space to retrofit a historical house.

Refrigerant and power lines then used this same corridor.



Sustainability is: minimizing effort to install quality facilities.

This geothermal installation shows Litchfield Geothermal combining the trench to the geothermal borehole

with a trench for a new salt water disposal system.

Instead of the the "geo home" water softeners discharging to a concrete septic tank,

brine wash is now directed by the 4" PVC pipe setting in the upper reaches of the geothermal borehole trench to a new

Low Flow Water Treatment Wastewater Disposal Structure.

All designed and installed at minimal extra backhoe cost by Peter Tavino PE

Look for detail in my monthly magazine column in the September 2016 issue.


  Here are temperature and electrical sensors we installed to monitor heat pumps for the loop we designed and inspected.

That geothermal loop is shown entering the basement to the right of the split heat pump.

Another loop installation is complete.




Geothermal trench installation in Connecticut.  Pete and homeowner with horizontal loops ready for backfill.


Litchfield Geothermal is mentioned in column 2 of the the Litchfield County Times and the Lakeville Journal.

Delivering a short talk about the geothermal system during the dedication ceremony



Here is the Advertisement we just ran in the Gunn Memorial Library Antiques show program.

That library has been enjoying geothermal heating and cooling, which we designed and inspected four years ago.



Site preparation before Borehole drilling, completed a few days later


What a pleasure installing geothermal with the fine folks at White Memorial Foundation. Work completed in Summer.

Horizontal drilling job for residential geothermal, designed and inspected by Litchfield Geothermal.



March 10, 2015 dinner meeting at University of Hartford.

  I was privileged to moderate the question & answer session

between the engineering students and geothermal professionals.

Some pleasant follow up geother-email!

Thanks to you too, Peter, for making this happen, and for doing a great job as moderator.


Last night was a great event for our association and the students who attended. Thank You.

I want to thank everyone as well. The students were great and I think the internships will happen.

Good for all who attended. Pete, you did a great job moderating.

Watch out for those "bending telephone poles"


(Bill said "Incorrect heating and air conditioning systems were using so much electricity that the telephone poles were bending over!" )

Hi Pete,
Thanks again for coming! I thought the event went very well. The pictures I took last night are attached.


Loop installed down borehole

Image from a recent job submitted  to the drillers magazine showing a grout tremie pipe being inserted down a completed borehole:


Typical package ground loop energy source heat pump  

November, 2014. Checking pressure of ground loop inside the basement


  Geothermal retrofit  into existing house radiant or duct systems. Geothermal is perfect for new construction.

Litchfield Geothermal design & inspection.


Drilling on Bantam Lake



 Tremie pipe pumps grout into that borehole.



 Start of Geothermal Drilling with Silt Fence in place 9 am   3pm, containing drill cuttings and 30 gallons per minute.

Contracting by Litchfield Geothermal. Installation by CT Licensed Drillers

Used grout bags are counted during inspection.



These side by side modern houses in New Jersey overlooking Manhattan feature geothermal designed and partially inspected by Litchfield Geothermal.

The rapper Ice T owns this house.  This neighboring house 30 feet away features a heated garage above the gym, both heated by geothermal ground loops.


Hartford Courant 06/22/14




Habitat for Humanity Display Boards by Pete at the May, 2014 CSCE Awards dinner.


Plaque was made out to my company as the engineering member applicant, but was earned by all the volunteers at Connecticut Geothermal Association


WINTER is great for ground source heating, as shown.

I love checking my geothermal heat pump performance and entering water temperatures on my smart phone and pc. It was 10 degrees outside when this image was taken, at 6 am. If I had an air source heat pump, and I shoveled the snow off it, how much electricity would I need to get heat out of that cold air? Or how about squeezing water from a rock?  Instead, even after pulling heat out of my ground loop all winter long, (with freezing outdoor air temperatures in excess of the design size, which I used for a typical winter) my Entering Water Temperature in late February (after running at about a run fraction of 50% or 30 minutes per hour all night) is still above 37 degrees, or 27 degrees higher than air source to one of those cheap but inefficient mini splits. I have not had to go to backup heat all year yet, but I do have a separate fossil fuel oil zone, that does add heat elsewhere in the house.  Nevertheless, my oil usage is way down from when it heated two zones, and 2000 sq feet of first floor above a full unheated basement is a lot to heat from my 2 1/2 ton 6 year old heat pump.  I have not touched it for maintenance (except to change 20" x 20" air filters) since it was installed and re purged 6 years ago. During the day, with the sun shining, run fraction goes way down and loop water rises above 40 degrees, not bad for 51 degree average deep ground temperature and at 6 feet horizontal depth. Thank you  for displaying what we already know, that geothermal works.

PS I feel bad about Connecticut's 140,000 homes heated by wood pellets not being able to buy any with stores sold out from late Feb to mid March, but Connecticut has great soil and bedrock to make use of another heating resource, not dependent on hardware store inventories. Sorry about the rise in price for propane, nat gas and heating oil too, but past Connecticut Geothermal Clients "told us so!".




Staked out boreholes for the new lake house with footings poured.

It is to be built this side of the lone tree. 3- 500 ft deep boreholes to the right.

Plan in Spring of 2014 is to core loops into concrete wall here. Done!


 Winter Work


Single Borehole will be drilled right here in the front lawn.

Commercial Loop pipe is heat fused inside building by Drillers before installed per Litchfield Geothermal design.

                                                                                                                                                   IMAGE of the month



Thank you for advancing the geothermal ground source energy industry.

What a winter we had!  And geothermal came through with flying colors again!  Compressors use a lot less electricity (drawing heat from 40 degree water) than they do squeezing it out of 10 degree air!

My standard $250, two hour plus travel on site consultation (before design) proved very popular with LitchfieldGeothermal clients.


I was so pleased to again be recognized at the 2013 and 2014 IGSHPA annual conference in Las Vegas and Baltimore, as the top Trainer of Installers (most trained and passed) after the Headquarters Trainer. And happy to be Trainer of the Month for November, 2013.


Here are some of the 18 boreholes I inspected last  November. Later the client asked me to layout a job three times this big.

I have been very busy in three states, refining residential installation techniques by so many talented installers and owners.


 See older Welcome Images in

archives section here


One of eighteen 400' deep loops installed for the newly converted  brick community center.

Client contacted Peter Tavino again about a possible Thermal Conductivity Test here:


   Loop installed 440' deep in Greenwich, CT


After dozens of installation projects approved for client rebate by the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund,

Litchfield Geothermal has been moving forward with installations without rebates, based on the economics of the process itself.



Feb 2014:  Hi Pete,

     I just wanted to say thanks for teaching the geothermal training class in Auburn the past few days. I find geothermal very interesting and your enthusiasm during class made learning that much easier. I hope all goes well with your Habitat project today. Your involvement, I believe, is a great example of how business should be done.
     Thanks again! I look forward to the possibility of our paths crossing again in the future!
Lee P.
Schoonover Plumbing & Heating

Sample emails:

The only credit I can take in this matter is that I can recognize an expert when I meet one. Thank you for developing two well thought out RFPs so quickly! I am excited about meeting the contractors and going through their proposals.
Regarding .....

Thanks Peter..

And thank you for all your help and dedication.

Hi Pete...  Remember me?
I really should have followed up with you after getting the system up and running.  I have a bunch of stories I would love to share with you.   Basically the system work great - my wife swears it costs $25/month to heat our house but that can't be right. 

and earlier:
Hiring you was clearly a good decision.
There probably is ....






Drilling inspection in the snow.

See special geothermal program design here and publicity here:





Thank you Paul for showing me the recent 60 borehole field heating the Arts Center and two other buildings at Skidmore College, September, 2013.

This is the return header trench.





Litchfield Geothermal Horizontal Loop Designs in Litchfield and New Haven Counties

Finished loops buried in back yard for new 6 ton system through wood paths. Proposed loops laid out with orange wire flags without disturbing paddock.




 Design for horizontal closed loops to replace an open loop system.



Here is my geothermal heat pump for the last six hours in March, 2013. Let me know if you would like your geothermal system monitored on line too!

Entering Water Temperature is about 40F and Leaving Water Temp is about 35F.  Not bad for March end of season.

I note that the heat pump runs at about a 70% run fraction overnight and about 10% or less when the sun shines and 30% when it is cloudy.

No change to thermostat or other factors. temps in the high 20's at night, 30's in day. Horizontal loop is snow covered.

So air source heat pump efficiency, as measured differently (SEER not EER) needs to take into account these run factors.

We see that warmer air temps during the day are not needed. That is why electric bill is so high for air source that should be turned off at night.



Fun filled Technology explained with Humor!

I was also pleased to author and copyright an article in comic book format for Children to understand geothermal. 

Thank you to local computer expert teenagers Mitch, Samantha and Kevin for providing new graphics. 

This show was be presented in Indianapolis at 11am October 4, 2012 at the national conference.

From Geo for Kidz is our new copyrighted 20 minute video explaining geothermal

shown at all Training workshops.

Check it out and let me know how you like it!


Now, Simply Geothermal is being made available to the public for free on youtube.







We are now trained in Thermal Conductivity Testing of rock formations featuring Ground Loop Design 2012 software

and the Geo Cube from Minnesota.


Three day training workshops in the USA were great in early 2012.

I trained installers in Iowa, Indiana, California and Arizona.

We all have so much in common! 

I was pleased to be introduced as IGSHPA's Trainer with the highest percent pass rate

of candidates taking the NATE test, which I administered.

In 2012 I have conducted 11 three day workshops in nine separate states.



Very few commercial projects could meet the CT prevailing wage condition for rebate, but here is one:

Peter Tavino PE PC Installer, working with Connecticut Wells, Inc., to heat and cool the five story library shown.

(Recently, the client reminded me to have future clients call him for a favorable recommendation,

and they are so pleased with their system and its final cost, that asked me to advertise for free in their annual show booklet)

(Full project photo gallery here.)


Available at workshops: You tube videos of a bore field installation.




Connecticut Certified, Experienced Installers and Designers of Clean, Inexpensive Horizontal or Vertical Closed Earth Loop Heating and Cooling Systems for New and Existing Buildings.

Navigation Links to

Geothermal Projects:

 Eleven ton loop pictures

Pictures from Maple St. Project

Sample Design Plans by Peter

Drilled Borehole Jobs

 Library Boreholes

South Street Project

Thomaston Pond Project

O Little Town Project

One kilometer of Horizontal Trench

3 ton loop, 1 day install

Geothermal Training & Education

Published articles by Peter Tavino

As a Connecticut Professional Engineering Corporation, and Accredited Geothermal Installer, here's what we do for clients


Right:  A new and safe radiation fusion technique is demonstrated to future installers at a NY workshop run by IGSHPA Trainer Peter Tavino PE CGD.  See article in WWGR magazine by PJT

A horizontal loop field is heat fused on site by Litchfield Geothermal and the homeowner (right).




Original Slogans for Litchfield Geothermal:
 Geothermal-dirt cheap
 "Where is next great source of energy for America?... You're standing on it."
Geothermal- Nature's contribution to your energy bill
 Want to find out how to save a ton on heating and cooling costs?... Do a little digging.

As niece Kristen just said, when told our living room area was heated from the ground:
"It feels like a warm hug".

Past welcome page archived notes and greetings are here.

Auxiliary Electric Heat Strip over a geothermal heat pump, operating at Coefficient of Performance

(COP) of only 1.0.   (Geo Heat pump at 3 to 5)

Not needed last year, but probably used in 2015.

Fossil fuel backup is an option too.


 We are proud to be approved  by the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund as a fully Eligible Contractor:       Peter,
You are now approved as an eligible contractor in CCEF's geothermal rebate program.  As you know, the contractor status is not differentiated on the website but your status is now changed here at CCEF.
Thanks for your continued efforts with geothermal in CT.

Thanks to everyone helping to promote geothermal heating and cooling at the Governor's residence. Here's our pdf  proposal.

Q&A How does entering water and antifreeze (normally 50F but say 40F in February, after extracting heat for a few months) provide enough heat for my house if I have a 3 ton geo heat pump?   Ans.: 3 ton circulates 3 gpm/ton x 3 = 9 gals/minute.  Water weighs about 8 pounds per gallon, so 72 pounds per minute circulate.  A btu raises one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit.  The water solution  leaves the heat pump at about 34F, but will later return near 40F again after contact with the earth. That 6 degrees x 72 = 432 btu's into the house per minute x 60 = 25,920 btu per hour. Average heating capacity of a 4.2 COP heat pump is 22,100 in part load and 29,000 in full load = 25,550 btu/hr.= 2.1 tons.

Q. How does 40F raise to 70F in my living room?  Ans.: R410A refrigerant circulates in a steel pipe at 18F, while 40F water and antifreeze circulate opposite it, within a coaxial copper pipe inside the steel pipe for about 30 ft. all rolled up.  Heat from the warmer water goes to the refrigerant, which is 22F colder.  By the time they leave the coax, the water is 34F and returns to the ground.  The refrigerant with the heat from the water is compressed with a little electricity, until it gets to 150F. It moves to a radiator type coil, where a fan blows air into the room at about 95F, until the room reaches 70F. The refrigerant drops in temperature and goes back to the coax for more btu's, and the process starts again.


Two sets of geothermal system homeowner rebates are available:

1. 30% federal tax credit on all geothermal costs.

2. $1200 per ton up to 6 tons for a home retrofit from CT Clean Energy Fund:   (Program ended)

23 projects approved for Litchfield Geothermal.

3. $500 per ton up to three tons from CL&P:

So if 3 tons can be installed for $30,000. inclusive, subtract  $9,000 from tax credit,  and $1500 from CL&P.

  Total cost = $19,500.

With a $15,000 AFC First loan @ 2.99% interest, cash outlay is $4500.

And tax credit is not subject to the Alternative Minimum Tax.

Your electric bill will increase slightly in winter, but decrease in summer, and you stop buying heating oil.


Compare to government subsidies for fossil fuels:





1993: The Department of Energy (DOE) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have both endorsed ground source heat pump systems as among the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly heating, cooling, and water heating systems available.

2010:  In northern Europe 3/4 of newly constructed buildings use geothermal.


Tap the resource of your property, not as easy as at right, but close!





Litchfield Geothermal Project Status, 2017.

Map legend: Numbers for projects of last few years.  Letters for activity locations:



                     Actually about tripled, since mapped.

Litchfield Geothermal Project Status in 2017.

 Map legend: Numbered: Sample projects of first two years. Lettered: activity locations:

 Litchfield Geothermal Project locations & descriptions: from oldest to most recent at bottom

1. South Street, 2 1/2 ton 730' long loop, operating great for 5 years.

2. Maple Street, 3 ton with 1000' loop & 2 ton 850' loop. First CCEF rebate project in state.

3. Buell Rd project in July, 2005, laid out geo bore hole separation from septic system.

4. Northfield Firehouse conversion to affordable housing, free bore hole & cost consultations.

5. Milton designed 1000' loop in horse meadow was flagged out.

6. Milton design around existing septic system, prior to 10' separation requirement..

7. North Street layout studied, abandoned due to lawn sprinkler & sewer line.

8. Wisdom House buildings, provided complete estimate for 9 tons.

9. Livingston Ripley Waterfowl Sanctuary provided complete estimate for 14 tons.

10. Litchfield Woods, new home construction, layout, but not implemented.

11. Donation of a free consultation for Library benefit.  Laid out loop around pool.

12. Bethlehem residence. Installation completed August 9, 2010 for 7 tons. 1800' of loop.

13. Thomaston Pond paid for 12 ton pond loop design.  8 tons of Loop were installed.

14. New Preston retrofit studied. Energy audit only.

15. New Preston 4 acre lot for sale with 1000' loop laid out.

16. Mine Hill Road, Bridgewater, 4 acre lot with 4 ton loop designed.

17. Norfolk 1700' loop designed for residential retrofit.

18. Warren on site paid consultation for excavating contractor re driveway & geo.

19. Watertown, paid to design two loops around the PJTJ PEPC designed septic for new home.

20. Harwinton, laid out and gave estimate for historic house with pond.

21. Morris, reviewed existing unique AC 100' long piping tunnel, and proposed geo.

22. Hartford museum, paid consultant re design, CCEF application & inspection of 8 boreholes system.

23. Glastonbury, inspected feasibility with owner, of the tree cleared back yard & house for 3 tons.

24. Yorktown, NY, paid to lay out twin loop per Westchester wetlands regulations.

25. Mahopac, NY, designed 3 ton loop away from formerly designed septic.

26.  Providence Acres, designed Florida air conditioning dominant 4 ton loop.

27. Buell Rd, Litchfield. Installed one kilometer (3450LF) of loop under lawns for 13 tons.

28. Cheshire, CT, proposed but would not advance a slinky coil, where 2 boreholes are better.

29. Osborn Rd Litchfield addition, with proposed future solar and geothermal.

30. New home in Essex, CT. Chose 2 boreholes, drilled & grouted, instead of slinky and 8 pipe.

31. Certifying installer for 2 boreholes & 5 tons geo in new Middlebury home on hold with CCEF.

32. Paid Consultant to help in radiant floor heat design at new Fairfield County home.

33. Certifying installer for new Westport home, 3 boreholes with Reverse Return manifold were inspected.

34. Telephone consultation of feasibility of Fairfield County open loop system near lake.

35. Norfolk Rd., Litchfield. Assessment of loop field in yard. Energy Audit complete.

36. New Fairfield, CT. Vertical Borehole retrofit in planning stage.

37. Bantam Lake rebuild, Morris, CT. Planned boreholes for geo.

38. Granby horizontal fused loop.  Project is Litchfield Geo's 7th full application to CCEF in 2009/10.

39. Plainville Long Island, paid consultation to compare bids.

40. Torrington, CT performed ACCA J load for 2 proposed boreholes.

41. Hutchinson  Pkwy Litchfield home tour and interview, where geo is not feasible.

42. Reviewed plans for new dog kennel with radiant geo heat in New York State.

43. Bid on proposed new LEED certified house in Norwalk, and house in Madison.

44. Participated in meeting as consultant for 15000sf Danbury mfrg bldg considering using existing well.

45. Selected as Installer on Middlebury LEED house. Application approved. Drilling complete.

46. Paid to advise on retrofit of radiator heated home in West Hartford, CT.

47. Conducted VIP Verification of Installed Performance test. Bid to do just VIP on Water to Water.

48. Reviewed bid documents, and commented on specs for Branford Fire House 29 borehole job.

49. Began planning work with on site meetings at two Litchfield homes.

50. Prepared sketches for a geothermal shopping center over a coal mine in Illinois.

51. Prospect CT new home, retroactive rebate installer for 6 ton heat pump.

52. Proposed geothermal heating and cooling for Governor's Residence. (See link above)

53. Toured White Memorial. Saw the borehole and 11 ton system in place by others.

54. Laid out a new horizontal loop and basement plan for White Memorial, pending their decision.

55. Proposals given for residential retrofits in Bridgewater and Sharon.

56.Boreholes complete at Gunn Memorial Library, Washington, CT. 30 ton heat pump operating.

57. Planning to install a horizontal loop with owner, Southington, CT.

58.  11 ton retrofit loop, installed for Washington, CT residence. 3 Heat Pumps in.

59. CCEF application approved for 6 tons at a Norfolk, CT residence. System operating.

60. CCEF application approved for 7 tons drilled at a Sherman, CT residence. Boreholes in. Finished.

61. Filed CCEF applications for homes in Norwalk (approved) and Ridgefield for an HVAC contractor.

62. CCEF application approved for Washington, CT home. Boreholes in. Grout tested.. GV flow used.

63. Cheshire 4 ton retrofit, boreholes drilled. Heat pump. Ducts installed. Finished.

64. Town Hall building designed for geo, and financial forecasts prepared.

65. Caribbean Island design for air conditioning only for 60 new dwelling units.

65. Bedford, NY designed reverse return manifold.

66. Greenwich, CT ACCA J calculation for geo retrofit.

67 Westport, CT oversaw 5 boreholes for new house.

68 Jupiter Island, FL ACCA J analysis and report for humidity problem.

69. Pittstown, NJ paid to design a horizontal 4 pipe trench for retrofit home.

70. West Simsbury, initial consultation on boreholes.

71. Victor, NY paid to design geo for new 7000 sq ft house.

72. Suffield, CT designed horizontal bores under new housing.

73. Harwinton, CT 4 tons of boreholes inspected, grout tested.

74. Guilford, CT 6 ton application approved by CCEF.

75. Consulted on hot water desuperheater in Eastern Long Island.

76. Paid to write geo description for HVAC web site.

77. Retrofit designed for heat exchanger switch outs.

78. Designed gratis a combined open and closed loop system for San Jose project.

79. Figured reverse return piping and flush cart requirements for New Mexico project.

80. Implementing Woodbury, CT job to drill a new well and convert old one to geothermal.

81. Prepared a paid Sharon, CT feasibility study for an open loop system with a naturally flowing well source.

82. Paid consultation for a Goshen Farm house restoration project.

83. Submitted bid for Thermal Conductivity Test well installation and monitoring and report.

84. Consultation on repair of broken loop line.

85. On site for H-bore and was shown H-bore rig in operation for possible purchase.

86. Designed and laid out and heat fused horizontal loop for Morris home retrofit.

87. Advised North Carolina geo owner on link seals after his google search led him here to

88. Proposed and priced out a coax heat exchanger switchout but client replaced entire cabinet instead.

89. Gave estimate to install geothermal in new 12 unit townhouse project.

90. Invited potential client to a webinar on pond loops.  5000 sq foot 6' deep pond deemed too small.

91. Laid out boreholes as requested by the town energy task force for our Town Hall building.

92. Open loop consultation in Hamden, CT for a Mid East project.

93. Design proposal for a Connecticut University small office building.

94. Gave estimate for Loop design for 100 unit condo (not going forward).

95. Designed 18 boreholes for school building conversion to Senior Center with geothermal.

96. Paid consultation for a Norwalk home retrofit. Driller bids secured. Drilling inspected.

97. Bid on residential loop near Storrs, CT.

98. Consulting on Newfield, NY farmhouse renovation project.

99. ACCA J and design plan and field layout for home in Old Lyme, CT

100. Designed 6 ton loop field in Plymouth CT. Delivered heat pump. Heat fused loops.

101 Consulted for state worker at her home in Windsor after referral from NY company.

102. Designed a slinky loop to replace an out of state standing column well.

103 West of Hudson River, ACCA J and borehole design with loops installed and backfilled. System is working.

104 Submitted detailed geo proposal for 5 building farm/ B&B in Kent CT to recover heat from beer brewing.

105 Met with Putnam County Library Board - design report & driller bids for their 9000 sq ft building.

106 Proposal for Burlington, CT retrofit.

107 Received site plan and designed load side loops under a proposed greenhouse in Nebraska.

108. On site to layout boreholes for a house on the Housatonic River replacing the older one. ACCA J complete.

109. Submitted a proposal for geothermal design and inspection of a Catskill Mountain Resort and Villa facility.

110. On site meeting, Peter addressed 20 General Contractors bidding the 18 borehole project, scheduled to begin 10/17/13.

111. Called back to the Hartford Museum project from 3 years ago and resolved Loop Manifolds into 2nd building.

112. Designed geothermal for a home renovation in Washington, CT to enter manifold to earth covered roof mechanical room.

113. Designed simple 3 ton with single borehole for Norwalk, CT home. Bids secured. Drilling inspected. Owner installed heat pump.

114. Designed combined air and radiant with 3 boreholes for Greenwich, CT retrofit project. Loops installed under my inspection.

115. Consulting on slinky 3 ton. Paid to layout horizontal loop in Chatham NY.

116. Lined up contractors for a Litchfield home with two radiant systems to convert from propane to geo with a horizontal loop.

117. 18 borehole job I designed and am inspecting is half complete at months end.

118. Consultation fee paid for troubleshooting open loop problems at Westchester condo project.

119. Consultation fee paid for 9000 sq ft house borehole layout near Boston, Mass. Design complete

120. Proposal submitted and accepted to design new home geo in Western Mass.

121.Paid to lay out horizontal loops  Bethlehem, CT.

122. Began paid design for historic 1820's house retrofit in Watertown, CT.

123. Paid to observe pump replacement and prepare As Built Drawing detail of troubled Open Loop wells.

124. Prepared heat loss and gain and considered existing shallow well use in Madison, CT

125. Paid to field stake a borehole for a converted school to a house in Salisbury, CT.

126. Paid to lay out a horizontal loop in Chatham, NY. Owner excavated and is installing heat pump.

127. Visited home site in Garrison NY for new home geothermal design. Visited similar one built in Copake, NY.

128. Received plans for Washington CT new home geo design. Designed site plan.. Client has geo we installed years ago.

129. Paid to stake out borehole in New Milford, CT. Paid to calculate heat loss.

130. Paid to markup cores for horizontal loops in East Lyme, CT.

131. Prepared site plan for new house's Wetlands submission. 3 bores require septic tank design relocation. (Approved)

132. Solicited geothermal driller for a 2 New Jersey homes. Determined loads and borehole depths

133. Brought sound expert to former client, whose heat pump was noisy. Two remediations installed.

134. Visited New Jersey cement grouting operation.  Laid out boreholes for 4 new NJ townhouses.

135. Visited new house being built in Virginia for possible geothermal.

136. Designed and obtained bids for geo retrofit in Avon, CT.  NY Times reporter is covering this project.

137. Traveled to Middletown proposed municipal garage site and laid out feasible 55 boreholes beneath it.

138. Asked to propose on thermal conductivity test bore for that garage site. Proposal submitted.

139. Norwalk consultation to compare install proposals.

140. Second home this year planned for geothermal requiring a Wetlands permit near Bantam Lake.

141. Planned boreholes and prepared heat loss calculations for Bridgewater 5 zone house.

142. Minor consultations on apple farm pond loop and a bad system by a non accredited installer.

143. Kent, CT planning for borehole and ground floor zone. Later toured with HVAC contractor

144. Designed and obtained bids for geo retrofit in Southington, CT.

145. Updated Suncam courses with enthalpy chart and borehole detail (670 engineers took courses so far)

146. Geo consultation for small commercial building in Woodbury, CT.

147. Geothermal Consulting for House retrofits in Suffield and Redding, CT

148. Geothermal near Woodridge Lake. Heat pump being installed. Borehole completed.

149. Working on TWISTER installation in CT. Not delivered, so conventional installed instead.

150. Designed and presented lake loop to North Branford Wetlands Commission.

151. Toured Stamford house for new heat pump and two boreholes.

152. Designed extra borehole for NY project where insulation was found to be less than reported.

153. Designed borehole and did load calcs for new lake house near other geothermal house just completed.

154. Sized exhaust fan for auto repair shop.

155. Figured geothermal on site in Groton, CT.

156. Paid consultations in Litchfield, Newtown, New Milford, Andover, CT and Montague, Mass.

157. VIP performed in Ridgefield, CT.

158 Paid review of Northfield pond or vertical loop for retrofit.

159 Paid consultation west of Hudson River for new house.

160 Determined replacement heat pump for failed open loop system in Woodbury.

161 Working on pond supply in Indiana

162. Working with Cheshire homeowner for 2 boreholes and his own heat loss calcs.

163. Paid to inspect boreholes and get grout tested in Morris, Southington & Washington, CT.

164. Massachusetts design horizontal bore and water to water heat pump..

165. Warren, CT site visit for water to water hookup to radiant floors.

166. Woodbury, CT  new 3 ton water to air system approved for financing. Loop complete.

167 Referred my past Litchfield Energy Task Force co chair to a geo installer to check circ. pump.

168 Performing heat loss and gain for new house in Litchfield, CT. Providing proposal.

169. Invited back to Litchfield Museum/Office job from 2011 to plan horizontal trench.

170. Orange CT house retrofit with front yard borehole.

171. Berlin, Mass. Planned two side yard boreholes. ACCA J etc

172. Woodbury CT house pond not feasible. 4 bores in back yard proposed.

173. North Salem, NY borehole and heat pump design for 1920's house.

174. Guilford, CT, borehole and heat pump design.

175. Hartford CT proposal for house with natural gas.

176. Southbury CT ACCA J analysis for home retrofit.

177. Proposal submitted for 7000 sq ft Cheshire CT new house.

178. Oxford CT  reviewed equipment already purchased for future installation.

179. Morris CT New house foundation ready for 2 ton quote by Litchfield Geothermal.

180. Application made to Massachusetts Clean Energy Center for $6000+ rebate.

181. Jan. 2015  Designed horizontal loop for Mass CEC rebate.

182. Toured Westport 5800 sq ft house for proposal on 4 heat pumps and boreholes.

183. Visited Bristol heat pump not working well by others.  Submitted price to repair.

184. Proposal & Report to check loop pressures in Greenwich accepted. Problem found.

185. Paid to check loop pressures for new horizontal loop into supplemental pond loop in Ohio.

186. Awarded contract to install loop at Litchfield Conservation Center

187. Paid for Fairbanks Alaska analysis open loop not closed there.

188. Returned to former geothermal client for new lot site work consultation in Norwalk.

189. 2 hour consultation and proposal in Norwalk, CT

190. 2 hour consultation and proposal in Norfolk, CT.

191. 3rd Mass CEC application project planned.

192. 2 hour paid consultation in Farmington, CT

193. Paid to Investigate why combo radiant and water to air heat pump by others is failing, Morris, CT.

194. Paid to advise on horizontal loop near Toronto Canada.

195. $6000 grant approved for LitchfieldGeothermal client by Massachusetts Clean Energy Center

196 Complete thorough on site consultation and proposal with references requested in New Preston, CT

197 Historic 1700's house expanded to 6000 sq ft, on site consultations and proposal.

198 On site consultation in Harwinton, CT

199 Coincidental second on site consultation in Harwinton across the street two weeks later unrelated

200 Proposal submitted for large house requiring 12  heat pumps in radiant and ducted zones, Cheshire, CT

201 On site consultation for new heat pump and attic ducts in Ridgefield, CT

202 Performed Verification of Installed Performance on Heat Pump

203 On site consultation and layout horizontal loop in Baltic, CT

204 Inspected the horizontally drilled loop for the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center rebate.

205 Cored into office building at Litchfield Conservation Center for horizontal loop. Loop Job complete.

206 Completed loop installation for New Preston 6 ton retrofit.

207 Consultations and proposals sent to Avon, West Granby & Suffield residential jobs.

208. Consultation in Washington, CT

209. Attended Library needing control link between building heat pumps and Water to Water Geothermal Unit.

210 Consultation in Newtown CT new home

211 Consultation in Somers, NY

212 Proposal accepted for 3 ton retrofit in Litchfield, CT. Loop installed.

213 Consultations in Pawling and Peekskill, NY

214 5 ton Loops installed in Avon, CT

215 3 ton loop contract and zero interest financing set for Ridgefield, CT

216 Prepared heat loss and Bid on new construction in Weston, CT

217 Consultations in Yorktown NY and Sherman, CT

218 Continued work with new approach in Tolland, Mass.

219 Finalizing rebate in Sheffield, Mass.

220 6 ton loop installed in West Granby, CT

221 Coring complete and trenching complete in Baltic, CT

222 Consultation and heat loss analysis in Chappaqua, NY

223 Consultation in Scarsdale, NY

224 Converted a problem open loop system in Massachusetts to closed loop system without drilling.

225 Consultation in Southbury, CT. Later installed 5 ton looping.

226. Consultation and follow up report for unusual boreholes in place in Milford, CT

227 Washington CT Verification of Installed Performance

228 Heat Loss analysis for net zero house in Middletown, CT. Full proposal submitted

229 Proposal submitted for house in Litchfield, CT

229 Provided full cost quote for geothermal for a Kent, CT house

230 Installed monitoring system for 3 heat pumps and boreholes by Litchfield Geo last year.

231 Assisted in heat pump repair in Burlington, CT

232 Assisted in 7 borehole planning in Westchester, NY.

233 Conducted a Geothermal Lunch and Learn seminar for architects in Massachusetts.

234 Selected to & did install a new system in Southbury, CT a mile or so from our project last year.

235. 2 hour on site consultation and heat loss analysis and loop sizing for a Farmington CT house.

236. Worked to seal ducts in basement of new geo heat pump installation from last year.

237. On site consultation, design and quotes for 2 Easton homes.

238. On site at one of the oldest houses in Greenwich with new addition planned. Gave geo design proposal.

240 Taught geothermal to Long Island group of 30.

241 When Florida pool geo question was directed to Oklahoma, they referred him to me. Not really feasible.

242. Colebrook CT geothermal Telephone consultation.

243. Taught Heat Loss and Gain for a house to a class of 18 in White Plains, NY

244. Design and borehole layout complete for Long Island home.

245. Installed borehole and salt water disposal system for new 4 ton system in Easton, CT.

246. Prepared bid for house in Fairfield CT compared to natural gas.

247. Heat loss analysis for geothermal system for a barn garage in Brooklyn, CT.

248. Winning bid on new home to be built in Massachusetts.

249. Designed and installed loop in Woodbridge, CT.

250. Consultation on New Milford water to water switch out.

251. Submitted proposal for 5 borehole project in Ridgefield, CT

252. Installed 8 tons of geo for Kent home

253. Geo installation for Roxbury CT home

254  Submitted proposal for a 3 ton system in Wolcott, CT

255. Submitted proposal for 1 or 2  borehole project in Ridgefield, CT

256. Designing geothermal for a log cabin in Massachusetts

257  Planning geo for Barkhamsted, and Shelton,  CT

257 Installing loops in Easton in October per March planning

258 Installing loops in Woodbury, CT

259 Heat Loss and Gain calcs for two variable speed geo heat pumps in Massachusetts

260 Consulting on loop pressure change for Farmington CT geo.

261 Visit, heat loss and geo proposal for house on Rhode Island border per earlier client reference.

262 Preliminary geothermal estimates for houses in Pleasantville, NY and Harwinton, CT

263 Inspected drilling, loop and grouting of Goshen, NY library test borehole.

264 Installer of record for Horizontal Loop by the State of New York

265 Trained geothermal contractors from Michigan.

266 Submitted written report assessing Geothermal for New York City

267 On site consultation near White Plains, NY

268 Proposed system for 7000 sq ft house in Middlebury, CT

269 Performed Heat loss calculations and Geo bid for greenhouses in Litchfield, CT

270 Bid on vertical and then horizontal loop for new construction in Kent, CT

271 Installed a horizontal loop in Goshen, CT



Related Geothermal activity: from past starting in 2010 with website to most recent at bottom

A. Exhibited at Kent Energy Fair March, 2010.  (2016 client attending that has selected Litchfield Geothermal for installation.)

B. Litchfield Community Center & Wolcott Library free Lectures on geothermal energy..

C. Naugatuck Valley Com. College, geo course instructor 3/24 to 4/14/10.

D. Poughkeepsie, house weatherization and ran Blower Door Test.

E. New Hampshire Water / Energy conference on geothermal heat pumps.

F.  Bangor Maine, passed Building Performance Institute certification test (82%).

G. Dallas, TX, attended IGSHPA annual convention and exhibit.

H. Manchester, NH passed Energy Audit field test (98%).

I.  Natick, MA, passed geothermal certification test (99%).

J.  Jacksonville, FL, author of 3 on line courses for PE's.

K. New Haven, CT 3 day course by Enertech showing Hydron Modules

L. Stillwater, OK June 7-11, 2010; passed week long training at IGSHPA

M. Day long PEX pipe, radiant heating seminar in Hartford, CT.

N. Middlesex Community College geo course instructor Oct. 6 -Nov10, 2010.

O. Albany, NY, Workshop taught (14 of 17 passed) by Peter Tavino, Sept. 9-11, 2010.

P. Passed Drillers Training Workshop in South Carolina, July 31-Aug. 2, 2010.

Q. Was installer test proctor, Poughkeepsie, NY.

R. Planning to teach 5 workshops at SUNY campuses in 2011.

R. Calverton, LI seminar featuring Pump Open Loop attended by Mary and Peter.

S. Denver, CO IGSHPA convention. Paper on CCEF  presented by Peter 10/28/10.

T. Exhibitor and Panelist at Litchfield Energy Expo. 11/6/10.

U. Met with Empire State Well Drillers in Catskill Mountains about providing Driller Training.

V. Attended ASHRAE meeting in Cromwell on Geothermal with Florida Heat Pump/ Bosch

W. Exhibitor and panel speaker at Litchfield High School Energy Forum. 11/6/10.

X. Planned, moderated meeting to form an IGSHPA Connecticut Chapter.11/10/10.

Y. Sent comment letter to Dept of Consumer Protection on proposed geo regulations.

Z. Attended Waterbury daylong conference of American Ground Water Trust, Nov 16.

A1. Attended Massachusetts seminar by ClimateMaster regional Vice President.

B1. Attended and testified at Public Hearing for new Connecticut Geo and Well drilling code.

C1. Enrolled in 2 day Washington DC Geothermal Designer course.

D1. Took on-line Geothermal Designer exam, requiring 70% to pass & received 92%.

E1. Published as author of geothermal article in Natural Awakenings magazine.

F1. Advertised to train installers in World Wide Geothermal Resource magazine.

G1. 3 day trained and proctor tested eight potential installers on Long Island.

H1.  Attended ductless heat pump seminar at CL&P.

I1. Applied for NY State approved installer for NYSERDA rebates.

J1. 3 day trained and proctor tested four potential installers, Poughkeepsie, NY

L1. Approved GeoExchange Designer. 1 of 10 in Connecticut. (Called 2/21/11)

M1. Standards Committee Chair and first webmaster CT Chapter of IGSHPA.

N1. Rewrote/ updated the 2 year old  geothermal trench course.

O1. Half day meeting in Litchfield with ClimateMaster V.P. Richard Gibson

P1. 6 straight days of Training in NY, very successful. Later 3 days in Kingston, NY.

Q1. Webmaster here and at state IGSHPA chapter. Launched new platform for both sites.

R1. Invited to chair a session on geothermal heat pumps at summit in Dalian China (declined)

S1. Attended EPA seminar in Massachusetts for New England regulators.

T1. Wrote an article in the June issue of magazine.

U1. Attended day long American Ground Water Trust conference in Boxborough, Mass.

V1. Attended ASHRAE meeting in LEED building at Smith College.

W1. Color magazine ad about Training receiving responses from GeoOutlook magazine.

X1. Trained 7 potential Installers in late May at Greenway Environmental on Long Island. (6 of 7 passed.)

Y1. Tenth training workshop - 7 potential installers at Dutchess Community College.

Z1. Oversaw an archaeology study for our project. Redesigned loop away from stone flakes, for no delay.

A2. Member of New England Geothermal Professionals Association.

B2. Working with HeatSpring to train vertical installers in Portland Maine in November, but cancelled.

C2.  Announced 4 fall, 2011 training sessions on IGSHPA website.

D2. October Article on Geothermal Training published in Worldwide Geothermal Resources magazine.

E2. November Article on Energy Used to Install a Loop Field accepted at Worldwide Geothermal Resources magazine.

F2. Attended REEBA meeting and spoke with Bryan Garcia and Dan Esty 9/21.

G2. Completed Orientation for ACCA Quality Assured program.

H2. Drafted article for HeatSpring Magazine.

I2. Trained 10 installers for Heatspring at Northeast Utilities, Dec 2011.

J2 Authored  WWGR magazine Feb., 2012 article on Building Inspectors & geothermal.

J2A Attended New England Geo meeting. Sat with and heard Wrightsoft CEO Bill Wright speak.

J2B Attended many ASHRAE meetings in 2011. Topics on LEED, Thermostats, Chillers, etc.

 J 2C Attended REEBA annual meeting. Spoke up from audience to keep geothermal in bylaws.

K2 Interviewed for and quoted in Norfolk Now magazine Feb. article about the Norfolk job.

L2  Eight days - training defense dept. personnel in Richmond, Virginia, Jan. Feb., 2012.

M2 Authored  WWGR magazine March, 2012 article on Engineering Inspection of Geothermal.

N2 Feb 2012 Training candidates in Morristown, NJ.

O2 Feb. Meeting with other Trainers at IGSHPA in Oklahoma. Visited ClimateMaster headquarters

P2 Trained Vertical Loop Installers near Philadelphia, PA.  Everyone in the class passed.

Q2 Authored WWGR articles on that Training and Using Oil bills to size heat pumps.

R2 Attended two day Clean Edison conference with other Green Instructors in NYC.

S2. Worked with IGSHPA and SUNCAM to offer online continuing education for IGSHPA Installers

T2. March 3 Workshop to NATE test 10 geothermal installers, tested prior to NATE.

U2. Provided constructive comments on CEFIA program.

V2. Toured the Florida Heat Pump/ Bosch factory in Fort Lauderdale.

W2. Trained 6 potential installers in Kingston, NY.

X2  May, 2012 - Trained 40 potential installers in NJ, Indiana and Massachusetts.

Y2. ACCA N calculation for Community Service project geothermal for a food pantry.

Z2. Ran half hour nationwide webinar showing slides and answering questions.

A3.Heat Fusion Equipment purchase consulting for SUNY

B3 Trained installers in Mason City, IA, San Jose, CA  and Phoenix, AZ.

C3 Received diploma for TC testing from Minnesota Geothermal training Institute.

D3. Upgraded NEGPA membership to Corporate for advertising as a CGD.

E3. Accepted as presenter at October IGSHPA conference in Indianapolis.

F3. Attended meeting at CEFIA to discuss new $330,000. state geothermal study.

G3. Published in Worldwide Geothermal Resources magazine on Finishing Touches.

H3. Worked with State Health Department to change 50' setback geo to septic systems.

I3. Volunteered to be temporary Secretary of CT Geothermal Association as well as webmaster.

J3. Attended ASHRAE tour of fan manufacturing plant.

K3. Attended Northeast Geothermal summer barbeque.

L3. Trained installers in Malta NY

M3. Published in Worldwide Geothermal Resources magazine on Car Sales and New Fusion tool.& International Geo.

N3. Received a plaque at IGSHPA conference for being Trainer with 2nd most candidates.

O3. Presented Geothermal for Kidz in Indiana and published video.

P3. All CEFIA rebate paperwork is now complete.

Q3. Quoted in published newspaper article 12/3/12  for a new Senior Citizen Center geothermal system.

R3. Attended the Farm Energy Expo in Glastonbury with Do It Yourself Fliers for Farmers.

S3   Nov. 2012 Trained installers in Poughkeepsie and Rochester, NY.

T3  Provided written testimony to CT supporting geothermal instead of natural gas.

U3 Received OSHA Certification for Rigging Safety

V3 Trained 5 installers in Morrisville, PA for same company Jackson Geothermal as this past March.

W3 Trained 12 well drillers in Kokomo, Indiana   January 15 - 17, 2013

X3 Authored article for WWGR on Renewable Energy Credits and ground source energy

Y3 Toured the WaterFurnace manufacturing facility in Fort Wayne, IN with a local driller.

Z3 Installed monitoring devise for personal heat pump. Monitoring on line.

A4. Attended the Phoenix Energy 2 day geo conference.   NATE tested 2 installers.

B4. Met with two separate lobbyists to work on Renewable Energy Credits for Connecticut.

C4. Met with Twister representative and studied new loop configuration. Authored article for WWGR.

D4. Testified in Hartford, on CT Television about why geothermal should receive Class 1 RECs.

E4. Testified at March 2013 CEFIA board meeting.

F4. Attended geo conference in Sturbridge Mass. Signed continuing Ed certificates for attendees.

G4. Ran a workshop for 7 in Poughkeepsie, NY.  Delivered a 6 ton heat pump with client that day.

H4. Met with CEFIA representatives and CTGEO president to discuss state geothermal programs.

I4. Agreed to co train installers in Auburn, NY in September. 2013.

J4. Authored June, 2013 WWGR magazine article on grout thermal conductivities, & July on Training.

K4. Trained Installers in Montgomeryville, PA. (Everyone passed)

L4 Scheduled Installer Training workshop at SUNY Dutchess for Oct 24, 25 & 26.

M4 Scheduled Installer Training workshop at NYSPE for Nov.  21, 22 & 23.

N4. Monitored 115 engineers who paid for SUNCAM's Geo course, all in one week.

O4 Met with Clean Edison interns for 3 hrs. in NYC to present geothermal fundamentals.

P4. Updated Clean Edison geothermal web page for the IGSHPA workshop.

Q4. Commented twice on Linked In blog about not installing horizontal loops under building foundations.

R4  Authored August, 2013 WWGR magazine article on Drilling & Installation Equipment. (Sept on Circ Pumps.)

S4 Monitored the 95 Engineers gaining CEUs in one week for The Energy Audit of an Existing Home SUNCAM course.

T4 Planned and conducted a successful Vertical Loop Installer's Class for mid August.

U4 In Caribbean, (as a LEED AP) reviewed Green Building criteria for Island Certification with Architect and Owner.

V4 Authored article for WWGR magazine on geothermal improving Indoor Air Quality. And one on Climate Change.

W4 Trained and NATE tested 19 installer candidates in Auburn, NY.  (17 of 19 passed first time.)

X4 Toured Skidmore College Geothermal project with campus engineer, where 60 boreholes were just finished.

Y4 Authored article for WWGR magazine on Celebrities with Geothermal Systems.

Z4 Completed form for facebook IGSHPA Trainer of the month, Nov 2013.

A5 Prepared and delivered 2 hour geo presentation to Connecticut Society of Professional Engineers

B5 Attended ASHRAE Meeting on duct design.

C5 Authored article for WWGR magazine on Do It Yourself homeowner geothermal installers.

D5 Authored article for WWGR magazine on Geothermal Storage.

E5. Attended Board meeting of CT Geo Association for plans to work with CT DEEP.

F5. Visited Habitat for Humanity house in North Canaan for  CT Geo Assoc. community service project, going forward.

G5.Corresponded with a college classmate in Korea taking my  SUNCAM intro geo course for PE continuing ed. credits.

H5. Trained 7 installers in Baltimore for HeatSpring.

I5. Commented on net zero house video concerning infiltration losses.

J5 Record 125 more engineers paid to take Tavino on line geothermal and energy audit courses in December.

K5 Attended Association of Energy Engineers breakfast at CL&P. Asked about state geo policy.

L5 Trained 13 Installers in Auburn, NY.  11 of 13 passed.

M5 Submitted article to WWGR magazine on Geothermal Software.

N5 Attended ASHRAE field visit for nat gas snow melting at the Waterbury Police parking lot. (Not for geothermal)

O5 Met for lunch with Princeton NJ engineer to discuss combined solar thermal and geothermal.

P5 Prepared Habitat application for Connecticut Society of Civil Engineers Achievement Award.

Q5 Submitted article to WWGR magazine on Customer Great Expectations.

R5 Prepared Power point show of Habitat slides for October IGSHPA conference.

S5. Attended legislature meeting and discussed Geothermal with Senator Duff.

T5. Attended ASHRAE meeting in Mass about Chilled beams suitable for geothermal. Submitted WWGR article.

L5. Attended heat loss and gain class at ACCA Headquarters in Arlington, VA.

M5. Showed my geothermal system to 13 Advanced Placement science students from Litchfield High School.

N5. Working with The Connecticut Society of Civil Engineers on the Habitat project award.(Received)

O5. Authored a 37 page course and test on Residential Heating Loss and Gain Calculations.

P5.  Scheduled to teach above course at New York colleges for Fall term.

Q5. Heard presentation on EMME pneumatic dampers and authored WWGR article on it.

R5. Helped exhibit geothermal heat pump at ASHRAE Meeting.

S5. Litchfield Geothermal Exhibit at Central CT State Univ. for Tech students.

T5. Published a new 38 page online course for engineers: Residential Heat Loss and Gain Calculations

U5. Plan to teach heat loss and gain at Dutchess Community College Nov. 15.

V5 Met with DEEP and CEFIA and CGA officers in Rocky Hill to discuss geo financing programs in CT.

W5. Authored WWGR article on Geothermal for Basement spaces.

X5. Heat Loss and Gain college course approved by Building Performance Institute for 4 CEU's.

Y5. Telephone conference with CEFIA on financing geothermal in CT.

Z5. Attended Passive House lecture by Tom O'Leary in Madison, CT. Later toured house.

A6. Subject of Waterbury Republican American article 06/19/14

B6. Ran a 3 day IGSHPA training session Sturbridge MA. Aug 11-13, 2014.

C6. Mentioned in Hartford Courant geothermal article.

D6. Wrote an article for WWGR:  A day in the Life of Geo.

E6. Attended NEGPA conference and certified CEU's for attendees.

F6. Working with team to assist Massachusetts geothermal reviews and inspections. Proposal submitted.

G6. Toured Habitat house with Emme representatives and owners.

H6. Invited to Train in Baltimore at opening session of Installers during October Annual IGSHPA Conference.

I6 Wrote an article Geothermal and Feng Shui, to be published in WWDrilling Res mag.

J6 Commented on state report with heating and cooling capacity mistakes.

H6. Participated in CEFIA phone conference on new geothermal loan program.

I6. Attended ASHRAE meeting on humidity loads. Distributed article on geo at Atlanta Headquarters.

J6. Circulated draft that new CT State Health Code in 2015 will allow boreholes closer to septic system, as I had suggested.

K6.Wrote an article noting ASHRAE geothermal headquarters and geothermal financing.

L6 Approved as Energize CT contractor to offer $15,000 loans at 0% APR.

M6. Arranging February 2015 geothermal meeting with engineering students at Univ. of Hartford

N6. Commented on CT Geo Association Constitution revision to promote closed water and antifreeze loops.(Passed)

O6. Attended ASHRAE meeting on geothermal. Had officers note that new headquarters study favors geothermal.

P6. Attended Baltimore IGSHPA Conference all 4 days. Taught and presented Habitat power point.

Q6. Trained steamfitters in geothermal loop heat fusion in Staten Island, NY

R6. Wrote 3 articles on Geothermal Drilling Inspection. And Grouting.  And Trenching.

S6. Approved as a Smart-E geothermal contractor offering $40,000 @ 2.9% financing.

T6. Approved as a CHIF geothermal contractor offering $25,000 @ 0% financing.

U6. Proposed to present a paper in March 2015 in Saratoga, NY.

V6. Helping a driller in Alaska with his first Geothermal Install.

W6.   Wrote a WWDR magazine article on Backup Heat.

X6. Visited staff at Massachusetts Clean Energy Center in Boston to discuss Mass projects.

Y6. Attended webinar showing ASHRAE headquarters building comparison of geo vs variable refrigerant.

Z6. Attended the March 3, 2015 CHCC Connecticut Heating and Cooling Contractors conference at Aqua Turf Club.

A7. Wrote article on Geothermal for New Homes for local builder's website.

B7.  Moderated a question & answer between ASHRAE student chapter and CT Geo Assoc. following dinner meeting.

C7. Wrote WWDR magazine article about that student dinner meeting.

D7. Scheduled one day training in White Plains NY July 16, 2015

E7 Wrote WWDR article "What could go wrong with Geo?" & Horizontal Drilling

F7 Attended pro night at University of Hartford engineering dept.

G7 Attended radiant floor heat controls webinar.

H7 Hosted Litchfield High School science class to tour of my geothermal system.

I7 Spoke at Riverfront on Geothermal for Earth Festival in Hartford May 31, 2015

J7 Prepared one day set of 200 slides for Architect Continuing Education in White Plains, NY. Class was sold out.

K7 Ran day long White Plains seminar for 21 architects and 22 engineers. Wrote article.

L7 Finishing Habitat for Humanity volunteer project.

M7 Spoke on geothermal before the Milton Women's Club.

N7 Met with other officers of the Connecticut Geothermal Association to plan out next conference.

O7 Attended Waterbury Energize CT training for new state financing procedure for approved contractors.

P7 Invited to Habitat for Humanity Salisbury function as thanks for the geothermal system installed

Q7 Attended day long heat pump training in New Hampshire.

R7 Consultation in Bethel, CT.

S7. Speaker at November 2015 dedication of Habitat for Humanity house. See newspaper articles above.

T7 Donated a free geothermal consultation to the Oliver Wolcott Library fundraiser.

U7 Helped in Commissioning of the Habitat heat pump and submitted the Verification of Installed Performance.

V7 Attended NEGPA telephone conference on November 2015 topics.

W7 Elected state Geothermal Association Board Secretary for 2016

X7 Attended day long seminar on Selling Energy at Eversource headquarters in Berlin, CT.

Y7 Trained 30 architects and engineers at Syracuse University campus hotel Dec 2015.

Z7 Scheduled to provide geothermal training in New Jersey in Feb and Long Island in March, 2016.

A8 Scheduled to train architects and engineers in heat loss calculations for houses in White Plains NY April, 2016

B8 Joined Connecticut Geothermal Association Scholarship Committee.

C8 Attended Yale University Renewable Energy interview with other CT Geo Association officers.

D8 Proctored Engineer Sponsored Math Counts for Middle Schoolers in Waterbury CT.

E8. Attended state geo conference & exhibition annual luncheon meeting. Recorded minutes for it.

F8. Helped a student who interviewed for a geo in Connecticut article.

G8. Authored article for WW Driller magazine on geo radiant floors.

H8 Authored article on combining geo with salt water disposal.

I8  Renewed IGSHPA membership with approved continuing education.

J8 Conducted a successful seminar on geo in Buffalo, NY

K8 Conducted successful seminars on geo in Cherry Hill, NJ, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Albany.

L8 Working with State Association on Building Inspector permitting for geothermal.

M8. Continued taking state geo association meeting minutes at NY State geo award presentation.

N8  Gave proposal to New York College to teach geothermal and heat loss in 2017 Spring Semester.

O8. Spoke at length at New England Geo Board meeting about impact of lost tax credits.

P8 Submitted Real Estate Continuing Education course on residential heat loss.

Q8 Attended Symphony geothermal monitoring and air source heat pump installation webinars

R8 Read through the IGSHPA 2017 Conference in Denver proceedings summaries.

S8 Attended Geo Pro webinar on vault issues.

T8 Attended the Massachusetts Clean Energy Fund Geothermal seminar in Boston, MA

U8 Attended the two day New York Geothermal Association conference in Albany April 19 & 20, 2017.

V8 Live stream viewed parts of  the Clemson University Geothermal webinar May, 2017.

W8 Appointed one of four managers of the New England Geothermal Professionals Association.

X8. Approved as a geothermal designer and installer contractor for NYSERDA. Application for one rebate approved.

Y8 Wrote magazine article on NYSERDA rebate

Z8 Renewed membership for 2017 and 2018 as Engineer in Connecticut Geothermal Association

A9 Elected President of the New England Geothermal Professionals Association

B9 Ran the 2017 annual dinner meeting of NEGPA

C9 Exhibited geothermal at the Croton on Hudson Renewable Energy forum

D9 Reported on NEGPA activity at the Connecticut Geothermal Association dinner meeting


Peter Tavino Professional Engineer, is an accredited geothermal installer, designer & trainer,

working with  S-1 HVAC licensed contractors, excavators and drillers.

We are approved by Energize CT  & the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund / Connecticut Clean Energy Finance & Investment Authority .





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