March follow up:

Seven members stepped forward to help Connecticut Valley Artesian with unexpected expenses for drilling the geo well at our Habitat for Humanity project.  Joe Dilk spent $1,300 just on fuel to drill that well, which is a lot more than he expected before encountering trouble with a caving-in formation.  The following members (firms) donated as follows.


Rick King - $250.00

Dave Corcoran - $100.00

Bill Seguin - $75.00

Guy Wanegar - $100.00

Steve Wierzbicki - $100.00

Peter Tavino - $100.00

John Sima - $100.00

Total - $825.00

We also thank The Canaan Foundation, which is donating $1000 toward the duct work.

And Victory Steel Products Corp., St. Louis, MO for donating 100' of 6" diameter steel casing.



TV six video coverage


Sharon radio station WHDD interview:



Northeast public radio, transcript or listen:


The Litchfield County Times Monthly March 2014


Waterbury Republican American    newspaper    Feb 14, 2014  link and color and grey scale scans follow:


and as scanned in color


Dawn Whalen's Press Release  pdf


World Wide Geothermal Resources Magazine article


Habitat program agenda  Feb 12, 2014


Drilling by Connecticut Valley Artesian Wells will begin around 9am.

Depending on hardness of rock, it should take about one day.

Sima Well Drilling Company, Inc. should have their grout truck on site also. They will have the loop pipe and place it when drilling is complete either before 4pm or the next morning. They will then grout the 400' deep borehole. Truck noise will stop at 4 pm.

A podium will be provided for President John Sima to welcome everyone to the groundbreaking ceremony. (Podium donated for free by Taylor Rental of Torrington.)

He will briefly describe CTGEO, and commit our Association to volunteer install this system.

John will note dignitaries present.

Status 2/7 : CPTV is still a possibility, depends on the schedule of the crew, FOX news is almost certain for at least a camera, Loretta Waldman (a freelance working with the Courant) is 75% sure she can be there. Alex Kragie is trying to rearrange his schedule but may send an alternative. G. W.

John can then introduce Bill Conklin.

Bill will briefly describe Habitat's purpose and background on this project.

Bill will read off the names of the CTGEO volunteers, who will come forward and stand on either side of the borehole with a clean shovel they have brought to the event. (Some spare shovels will be provided too ??)

It might be feasible for each of these folks to have a winter jacket (not sports jacket in the cold) for the photo.

Only one representative from each company would be in the photo shoot, but all workers from a volunteer company who are present will be recognized in Bill's script that Pete will prepare.

Sample ceremony photo in Middletown, CT on Sima Drilling job. (No bows for us.)


Here is Bill Conklin's draft script after John introduces him:

I am Bill Conklin, for Habitat for Humanity of Northwest Connecticut.    We serve the six-town area of Canaan, Cornwall, Falls Village, Norfolk, Salisbury, and Sharon.

Our mission at Habitat is to provide housing that is Affordable-   affordable for families or individuals in need of adequate housing who do not meet the level of income necessary to buy and maintain a home.  By contributing over 400 hours of labor, our homeowner partners help to make this possible. 

In the past two months, our affiliate dedicated its ninth and tenth home located in North Canaan and Norfolk respectively.  As you know, the rehabilitation of the 11th home behind us has just begun. Each Habitat house may serve as a home for a number of Partner families over the many years to come.

Habitat works with a variety of professional and non-professional volunteers to promote affordable home ownership in Northwest Connecticut in partnership with residents.  Our volunteers range from 16 to 92 years old, coming from as close as the foot of this hill and as far as Hartford.  Working and retired, skilled and non-skilled, from schools and churches, we have been supported by the labor and generosity of many. 

In particular we are appreciative of professionals who donate their licensed expertise to make sure the houses are safe, secure and affordable. 

Today, we are pleased to welcome the many professional members of the Connecticut Geothermal Association to the official groundbreaking, marking the start of a cooperative project to install a complete Geothermal heating system for this house.  This is a Geothermal Association Community Service Project completely funded by the generosity of its members.  It is truly a cooperative effort, drawing upon the time, money and skills of at least 13 different contractors serving the entire state of Connecticut.  Combined with the heat loss controls to be built in by Habitat, it is a gift to the future partners who will live in this home, providing a safe, reliable climate control system that will also reduce their heating costs.  Just as important, this geothermal system will be a gift to the environment, drawing heat from the ground, rather than burning a fossil fuel. This house will feature High-R insulation in walls and the attic, energy efficient windows and doors plus the new, sophisticated geothermal system installed by these members of the Connecticut Geothermal Association.

With me today representing Habitat, are President Tracy Atwood, Communications Director George Massey and Executive Director Dawn Whalen, and Mike Chapell, who is both a Habitat partner and our site supervisor for this job

In addition, Peter Harding from Home Energy Technologies will be acting as our HERS Rater for the CL&P incentive program, providing advice on how to make this house more energy conserving.  The HERS incentive program is coordinated by Enoch Lenge of CL&P, who has been very supportive and helpful in our combined efforts to make this home as energy efficient as possible.  Peter and Enoch could not be here today.

Joining us for the groundbreaking are the following members of the Connecticut Geothermal Association, all generous donors to this project:

First is the WaterFurnace International Territory Manager for New England, New York and New Jersey, Mr. James Sansoucy. They are donating a three-ton horizontal Series Five water to air geothermal heat pump, the NDH038 with two stage heating and cooling capacity at 4.8 and 4.1 Coefficients of Performance. This house will heat for less than one quarter of the cost of electricity from a conventional electric baseboard heating system. This will have monitoring, intellistart and a desuperheater for hot water.      Thank you, Jim.

Jim walks to the far right with his shovel.

The next donor is Blake Equipment Company represented by Mr. Mark Henderson. Blake is donating the loop pipe to be installed in the borehole, the necessary fittings, the circulator flow pump and a hot water tank.         Thank you, Mark.

Mark walks next to Jim.

The 400' borehole is being drilled by Connecticut Valley Artesian Wells.   Morris Industries has donated the steel casing.  The driller and assistant working today are Bob "Hutch" Hutchinson & Rob Cowles.   Thank you to Company co-owner Mr. Joe Dilk

 Joe Stands near Mark.

The loop will be installed by Sima Drilling Company.     Preferred Pump has donated the bentonite grout and silica sand that Sima will mix and pump by tremie pipe into the 400 foot borehole tomorrow. Representatives of Sima include._____________________________ &______________________________ .       And representing Sima and current Treasurer of the Connecticut Geothermal Association is Mr. Ray Sima.        Thank you, Ray.

Stands next to Joe.

The mechanical permit is being approved under licensee Guy Wanegar of A & B Cooling and Heating Corp.  Also present today is A & B partner Mr. Phil Robert.  They will heat fuse and run the trench loop into the foundation and set the heat pump, with necessary connections up to start up.

Representing A&B is CT GEO past President Mr. Guy Wanegar. Thank you, Guy and Phil

Guy stands near Ray.

The geothermal loop will be flushed of all air, and biodegradable propylene glycol antifreeze will be donated and introduced by Hydro-Dynamic Engineering.     Representing HDE is current CT Geothermal Association president Mr. John Sima.       Thank you, John.

John stands on other side of borehole to allow it in picture.

Nutmeg Mechanical Services, Inc. has designed and will aero-seal the supply and return air ducts. From Nutmeg is_____________________________&_________________________ Representing Nutmeg is Steve Wierzbicki, the newly elected vice president of CT GEO. Thank you, Steve.

Steve near John

Stafford Mechanical Services Inc. will connect the interior plumbing from the outside ground loop to the circulator pump and the heat pump. With us from Stafford is ___________________ Representing Stafford is its president Mr. Bob Polmatier.        Thank you, Bob.

Stands near Steve.

Thermostats will be installed and the heat pump “Verification of Installed Performance” will be tested by Geo Source Systems, LLC. From Geo Source is_____________________________ Representing Geo Source Systems is CT GEO Public Relations and Community Outreach Chairman  Mr. Bill Seguin.        Thank you, Bill.

Bill next to Bob.

Volunteer excavator John Consadine will dig a trench supervised by contractor coordinator and Habitat Liaison Litchfield Geothermal, represented by Mr. Peter Tavino.   Peter has been the moving force to bring together this project, working continuously with Habitat and Geothermal association members.        Thank you very much, Pete.

Pete stands next to Bill.

I am pleased to join them all as we break ground for this Geothermal system, to allow it to heat and cool this soon to be renovated Habitat for Humanity home.


So order from left to right:

Conklin -Tavino -Seguin -Polmatier -Wierzbicki -J Sima (borehole) -Wanegar -R Sima -Dilk Henderson -Sansoucy

(Setting sun should light faces).

Photo and applause and Bill can thank everyone for attending. Should be 4:30 pm allowing time for members to drive to:

The Venetian Restaurant at 52 East Main St Torrington, CT.