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Ground Source Heating and Cooling

A Community Service Project by the Connecticut Geothermal Association   posted 2/7/14

 Groundbreaking and Drilling February 12, 2014, 4pm on site followed by monthly CGA dinner meeting at The Venetian Restaurant in Torrington

The back of the vacant house in November 2013.

Note, a 2 hour meeting on Feb 4 with John Sima, Peter Tavino, Bill Conklin and George Massey ironed out the final planning for the start of drilling and groundbreaking ceremony. Everything is ready to go in one week !

The existing boiler to be removed.


Hi Pete - Thank you so much for reaching out to us - what a wonderful opportunity for collaboration!  We are starting a new project over the winter - a renovation of a 3 bedroom home in North Canaan.  It's a one story home with an "exposed" garage/basement at the ground level.  Would this work with geothermal borehole and heat pump?  If so, I will forward your email to our building committee to discuss.
Many thanks,
Dawn Whalen, Executive Director
Habitat for Humanity Northwest Connecticut






Here is the plan as a pdf:





Subject: Awesome Interview
From: Dawn Whalen

Date: Feb 7, 2014

Pete - I just posted the link to the interview on our web site as well as our Facebook pages....well done!!


Happy Friday!



400' deep borehole to be drilled, looped and grouted in Feb 2014.


Borehole typical detail

100' long trench from borehole to basement.

100' future 4' deep trench with future concrete cores below tape measure.


Mr. John Sima, President                            January 22, 2014
Connecticut Geothermal Association
P.O. Box 268
Rocky Hill, CT 06067

Dear Mr. Sima,

The CT Geothermal Association is authorized to donate the heating and cooling system to house at 9 New High Street, North Canaan, which will be renovated to Certificate of Occupancy in 2014 by Habitat for Humanity of Northwest Connecticut.

We are very grateful to be your partner in this project.


Dawn Whalen, Executive Director
Habitat for Humanity of Northwest Connecticut


As our Executive Director has said, Habitat for Humanity NWCT is very pleased to work with the CT Geothermal Association and authorizes them to donate the heating system to the house at 9 New High Street in the town of North Canaan. This house will be renovated to Certificate of Occupancy in 2014 by HfHNWCT.

Best regards,
Tracy Atwood, President
Habitat for Humanity Northwest Connecticut



Why are we giving away a free geothermal system?

Proposed Tavino article for WWGR magazine 1/20/14

Our Connecticut Geothermal Association has been meeting every month for about 40 months. Retiring President Guy Wanegar stepped down with the appreciation of all members, as John Sima now takes the helm. Besides extensive lobbying with the state, we have run successful conferences, and have an active website at http://geothermalconnecticut.org/ We appreciate WWGR magazine’s support through the years. Two years ago, we attempted a volunteer effort of community service to install a new geothermal system free to a local nonprofit food pantry. But circumstances did not work out. We tried again, and now our major 2014 project is to install a ground source heating and cooling system in a rehabilitated Habitat for Humanity house. As the project unfolds, we will keep WWGR magazine readers informed. Images of the house prior to renovation are as shown.

For now, we are pleased to announce companies who have pledged their free services to make this happen.

Geothermal System Donors
and Volunteer Workers:
WaterFurnace International - Series 5 Heat Pump
Blake Equipment -Loop Pipe, Fittings, Water Heater
                          and B&D Flow Center
CT Valley Artesian Wells - Drill 400' Borehole

Morris Industries, Inc. - 40' of 6" Steel Casing
Sima Drilling - Install Loop in Bore & Grout Bore
Preferred Pump - Grout and Silica Sand
A&B Cooling & Heating Corp. - Trench Loop,
                 Set up 3 ton Heat Pump & Start Check
Hydro-Dynamic Engineering- Flush & Purge Loop
                and Donate and Install PG Antifreeze
Ground Energy Support- Geo Monitoring System
Nutmeg Mechanical- Design & Aeroseal Ducts
Stafford Mechanical- Interior Piping
Geo Source Systems- Thermostats & V. I. P.
Litchfield Geothermal-Trench Supervision,
       Coordination of Contractors & Habitat Liaison

Why are we doing this?

1. Perhaps to be good Scrooges, since we decided at Christmas time.

2. Perhaps to work together, as we compete with each other too.

3. Because with a little expertise from each of us, a lot of benefit will accrue to the eventual Habitat family homeowners.

4. For good press and publicity and advertisement on our websites.

5. To be recognized as a productive industry by state and local authorities.

6. To have an on site dedication ceremony, to thank volunteers.

7. To feel even better about what we do, than we already do!

Stay tuned for progress reports as our community service project unfolds

Here is the latest site plan:

Here is the site plan pdf


Connecticut Geothermal Association Meeting of the Executive Board

to discuss the Habitat for Humanity project.

Chuck’s Steak House Rocky Hill, CT Dec 9, 2013 5:00 pm.


Guy Wanegar, John Sima, Mark Henderson, Ray Sima, Jim Sansoucy and Peter Tavino met and covered the following items: Bill Seguin could not attend because he was in Texas.

1. The members were enthusiastic and supportive of this community service project at the December 3 regular meeting, so the Board is moving forward before the January 7 meeting.

2. Peter, Guy and Ray had visited the site. Peter’s initial report with heat loss calculation will be the basis of design, while Guy will follow up on heat loss and design ducts for the Habitat crew to install as they had planned.

3. Ray noted drill rig truck access and setback from septic tank. Peter was shown tank by Bill Conklin, but will check Torrington Area Health District As Built septic system records, and prepare a simple site plan for TAHD permitting.

4. Drilling was deepened from 300’ calculated for 34F Entering Water Temp to 400’ depth and more efficient EWT for the future homeowner.

5. Sima Drilling will handle outside loop. CGA member CT Valley Artesian Wells will be asked to participate also.

a. Fuel is a big drilling expense to be donated by driller. If CVAW drills, some reimbursement of fuel and drill bit wear might be sought from CGA.

b. Donations will be sought for expensive steel casing to be placed by CVAW.

c. Sima will look into getting bentonite grout and silica sand donated, perhaps from Preferred Pump. Sima will tremie grout the loop.

d. Mark Henderson will check to donate a 910’ 1 1/4" u-bend to the project from Blake or a supplier. This allows 400’ down bore plus 50 or so in header trench.

e. Habitat will excavate a trench probably in the front of the house to access the basement there. CGA members will be asked to donate time to heat fuse and core loops into foundation wall.

6. The heat pump will be donated by WaterFurnace International. Jim Sansoucy said his company could offer a free NDH038 dual stage heat pump. AHRI rated Heating Capacity exceeds heat loss. The unit includes monitoring, intellistart and a desuperheater for hot water. Warranty included. Jim was thanked by the group for this offer.


7. Blake Equipment is also contributing significantly beyond the HDPE loop, with a flow center solicited from B & D. Mark Henderson offered to find sources for Glycol antifreeze, and one or more hot water tanks.

8. Guy’s company will place the heat pump and attach it properly to duct plenums.

9. John Sima offered to flush and purge the unit at Commissioning, and add antifreeze to the closed loop, pressurized system.

Other CGA volunteer members will be asked to provide:

1. Trench work heat fusion and coring and sealing.

2. Interior piping from flow center circulating pump to nearby heat pump.

3. Thermostat(s) donation and installation

4. Electrical service is expected to be provided by the Habitat electrician.

5. Jim Sansoucy has contacted Matt Davis to provide on line monitoring.

6. Building permit fees must come from CGA dues or donations.

7. If the $1500 CL&P rebate is obtained to offset cash costs for permits, fuel, equipment wear and tear, etc. a volunteer must measure for the VIP form.

The 30% tax credit will go to the owner, either Habitat or the eventual owner. Someone must check if income allows this. Deed restrictions concerning resale of house need to be addressed too.

The schedule was not discussed. At the January 7 meeting Dawn Whalen and Bill Conklin are expected. Peter Tavino must miss this, but offered to pay for their dinners.

It is expected that the CGA website will fairly list free donations of labor and equipment, etc. on the website. Member (only) volunteers may also post actual work pictures (without embellishment) showing their company’s contribution.

It was decided by the Board that a professional videographer should be hired to document the work, and placed in a YouTube video linked to the CGA website. A local company that can drive easily to the site for each activity is preferred.

CGA will hold one of its monthly meetings at a dedication ceremony on site. Press and DEEP and CEFIA and CL&P will be invited.

Jim and Mark’s companies paid Chuck’s for the room and required food and beverages, and the meeting was adjourned after 6 pm.

After the meeting, Bill Seguin wrote: I will donate the thermostat/installation and VIP test. He will also work on publicity and marketing as committee chair. A&B will provide labor and materials for the mounting of the flow center and the connecting of the flow center to the unit as well as the wiring connection to the unit. We will also fabricate a wooden stand for the horizontal unit to mount on. end


Air Conditioning Contractors of America Manual J spreadsheet Heat Loss and Gain Calculation





Menu for The Venetian at $29 each plus cash bar:


Please email John or Guy if you would like to be

 at the dinner




End of planning page 020714.