Boreholes at the Gunn Memorial Library


Congratulations to all the fine folks at Gunn Memorial Library,

for the successful ground loop system we installed together.

Thank you for recognizing me in your first newsletter article below!

Front of century old library. Work is done at basement level.

Drill Rig and Service Truck




Site Plan

450' deep boreholes starting 11' from the corner.

Drilling the first hole

Containing the drill cuttings

Installing the loop pipe


U-bend with straightening bar taped on

Borehole 2 'pigtails" in. Mats for truck.

Cuttings elevate existing grade.

Drilling borehole 5

Borehole 6


Rig is level with outriggers.

Grout rig now on site works side by side.

Tremie pipe on reel.

Used bentonite bags filled with used sand bags.


Grout fills entire borehole.

Used bags can be counted by inspector.

Inspector Peter Tavino PE celebrates successful grout completion with a cigar!


Trench excavation is begun.

Sewer line is encountered higher than expected. So it gets cut, spliced and repaired.

Casing gets torch cut twice.

Grout falls out.

5' and 1' casings to be recycled.

Manifold heat fusion connections

Supply and return to borehole 1 near sewer line.

3 supply and 3 return through concrete wall, as seen from above.


Air tested to 100 psi.

Tracker tape

Insulation board between sewer and loop and at shallow depth near building. (Removed and backfilled with sand first).

Excavators cover everything.

Drain line above loops is replaced.

Stone backfill there.

Bob cat levels everything.


Seeded and hayed complete.


I also appreciate your recognition in the 2011 Antiques Show program

Any attendee was entitled to a free on site consultation by presenting the Litchfield Geothermal ad.

Congratulations to everyone at Gunn Memorial Library

for heating & cooling your lovely environment with

clean, efficient, geothermal ground source energy.

It has been my pleasure to design & oversee your project.

Attendees of the 2011 Washington Antiques Show may present this ad for a free at-home consultation, to learn if converting from fuel oil to geothermal is best for them.

Peter Tavino, Professional Engineer



End of borehole photos.