Maple St. Project


Photos of loop installation:

The meadow where the loop field will be installed.  It served as a vegetable garden from the 1930's.

The same meadow after the snow with digging underway.

The loop pipe will enter the basement here.



Shrubs were removed intact with roots and stored for replacement in two weeks.

Much less expensive than well drilling, the Cat 205 had the power to dig the deep loop trenches in a few days.


Insulation board is set over the existing footing drain gravel.

Four holes were drilled through the concrete basement wall to accept the 2" diameter High Density Polyethylene Pipe.

The 850' long roll of HDPE, was installed first, and the 1000' long roll after that.


Top soil was not removed because of future meadow condition. Trench is no deeper than 5' where workers access it as shown.




Trench here is dug wide enough (42") to accept a ditch witch.


System is 200' from wetland pond, so no permit is required.

Pete on the ground and rePete at the Cat controls.


Smooth turning radius.





Ditch witch rented for $200 from True Value of Litchfield.


Part of the system included the 4" wide by 12" deep (6' total) trench where the loop pipe could be protected better from falling rocks that could puncture it.


The Loop pipe is placed into the basement, and unrolled into the 850' long trench.

Silt fence protects the distant pond from sedimentation. Water in hardpan at bottom of trench is good for thermal conductivity.

The spool, weighing almost 1000 pounds is unrolled in sling attached to excavator.

Bends are at large radii to allow for future thermal expansion and contraction.

Careful Backfilling both in the ditch witched area and the deeper section not accessed.  2x4 holds loop pipe down until covered.

The 850' long continuous loop leaves the building and enters on the left.

The 1000' long continuous loop leaves the building and enters on the right.

Hydraulic cement is used to seal the loop pipe to the concrete, without allowing groundwater through.


Inside the house, two ClimateMaster geothermal split heat pumps are installed by Connecticut S-1 licensed contractor, Carl LePere.

These were connected with R410A refrigerant to the existing air handlers.


Carl LePere handled inside work, while IGSHPA Accredited Installer Peter Tavino oversaw outside work.

Special thanks to the other Pete and Tim Bobroske for the fine excavating work.

Congratulations to owner Todd, who worked with Pete the entire way.

Enjoy the energy harvest from your land!


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