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Offering Geothermal Consulting and other Services


Peter Tavino will be training IGSHPA Accredited Installers September, 2019 in NY State


The last trainings were in New York on March 27, 28 & 29, 2019 and Feb 13, 15 & 16. Email us to sign up.


Litchfield Geothermal is assessing Connecticut farms for ground source heating and cooling feasibility.

Here was Peter's March, 2019 presentation to about 30 Farmers.



The 30% Federal tax credit is back in force!

We remained active for over a year without the tax credit, and we continue in 2019!

With local incentives and now Federal credit, it is a great time to convert to geothermal.

Hire us for your geothermal engineering needs.



This new building under construction is having geothermal heating and cooling installed by the green and white drill trucks shown.

All 15 boreholes were designed and inspected by Litchfield Geothermal.

We were pleased to use Peter's Certified GeoExchange Designer credential to receive approval and full payment for a $50,000 rebate to our client by NYSERDA (the New York State Energy Research Development Agency) for this project.

How can we help you with your geothermal project, large or small?




Peter trained 17 geothermal installers in New Hampshire - And 2 more classes in Canada in 2018.  The classes were a great success.

Contact us for details or to schedule training for you or your group.


Peter is pleased to have been elected 2018-19 President of the New England Geothermal Professionals Association.

Our annual dinner meeting in November (see picture below) featured IGSHPA president Garen Ewbank by Go to Meeting.

Peter developed a new website for Peter is now the past president having finished two terms.






October 2017 fun and informative video installing a horizontal loop:

By the client:

(Litchfield Geothermal, not Connecticut Geothermal for credits, but a cool video>)


By aerial alone:



Summer, 2017: We were hired to study Geothermal Heating and Cooling for New York City and Westchester.  Thanks to all who contributed to that Assessment Report.



Through the Connecticut Licensed Professional Engineering Office of Peter J. Tavino Jr. PE PC, founded in 1986. 

Contact:  or  With many satisfied home and building owners enjoying our systems. In year ten of geothermal consulting, contractor installation and training other installers how to do it right. 

Please click on the Welcome page (above) first.

Litchfield Geothermal is Installer of Record for this Horizontal Loop installed in 2017.


-15 F in mid February 2016, and very cold in February 2017, and February 2018, and not one call from our dozens and dozens of customers who are pleased with their Litchfield Geo Ground Loops from the past 9-10 years.

They enjoy nasal passage health, with winter indoor humidity that is higher than for dry fossil fuels heat.

Oil heat dries the air at 170F coil temperatures vs. only 120F for Geo, entering rooms around 90F with more air movement.

Dry air entering for an oil furnace can be sealed. And less moisture in summer with modern air handling equipment.

Air conditioning is so much more efficient pushing heat into 50, 60 or 70 degree soil or rock instead of 85 degree air!


Here is a grouted ground loop.


And a loop being installed down another borehole.


 Borehole drilling in the woods, not lawn to minimize temporary grass disturbance.



 I am pleased that one recent installation client was happy per her email:

Peter, it was such a pleasure to work with such a pro as yourself.

You went beyond what was expected and exceeded our expectations in every way.

 Thanks again for all your efforts.


We are beyond excited and looking forward to living in a house that is warmed and cooled from the core of the earth.

Doing our part to reduce our footprint and give back to this beautiful planet. Thanks again for helping us make a difference.


You can be sure we will recommend you.



And sponsors of my recent geothermal seminar were happy too:

Here are the scores and comments from Somerset.  Very favorable, once again!
 The attendees rated the program at 4.4 on a scale of one to five, with five being the highest rating.  The seminar manual was rated at 4.3.
Your individual speaker ratings were 4.3 for content and 4.5 for delivery. These scores are excellent!  Here is what attendees had to say about your presentation:
“Mr. Tavino was a personable speaker, kept the material interesting” (Engineer)
“Very good seminar, exceptional facilitator” (Mechanical/Electrical Eng.)
“Side stories often more informational than slides. Very enthusiastic and knowledgeable instructor.” (Noise Control Eng.)
“Very good seminar” (Acoustical Consultant)
“Instructor shared good experience related to topic” (Utility)
“Peter could use laser pointer to point out features he wants us to see on screen” (Civil Eng.) (I purchased a pointer / clicker this same day.)
“Very practical info mixed w/ data” (Engineering)
“Instructor was excellent! One of the useful and informative instructions taken post-college.” (PM)

Drilling location for Jill in February, 2016 Ground Loop installation.


Loops completed in March.



December 2015 Saturday afternoon, after raking and seeding over new borehole and trench around garden to new 5 ton heat pump.


That loop outside continues inside to this heat pump - installed by our affiliate contractor- running great.


Late 2015 installation showing the inside of a another geothermal heat pump.


Late 2015

Loop pipes through the stone wall to attach to the split heat pump on left.  Air handler being moved to the attic is on the right.



Another 2015 installation a few miles a way.

A three ton "package" heat pump with air handler connected to basement ductwork.


Thanksgiving Eve 2015  Geo loop installed:



 2015 Ground Heat Exchanger Installation for the heat pump shown above.


Topsoil is stockpiled to reuse on lawn


Ground water is controlled to preserve the lawn too.  Litchfield Geothermal works with the customer in mind!





New circulator pump, 4 ton hydronic heat pump, air handler and water storage tank system.

Tested for efficiency and up and running in 2015.


Vertical boreholes being installed in 2015.


White Memorial Foundation loop being installed in 2015.

Litchfield Geothermal is pleased to have been selected to install this ground loop for the White Memorial Foundation,

in 2015. Loop above, purchased by Litchfield Geothermal has been installed in the field





New 5 minute video we recommend to current clients:




Sample nice geothermemails to Litchfield Geothermal:

Hi Peter,

 Thanks for this clarification and for your speedy response earlier today. Our third-party review team is satisfied with your response. I believe we have all necessary information to proceed with the award. I will double check on Monday.

 Have a great weekend,

 Ben  (Massachusetts Clean Energy Center)


Thanks Ben.
I will have a good weekend now!

And from the client home owner:
Thanks for you efforts peter. I appreciate it.


Here was the unusual design sent to Massachusetts as approved:

See pictures of the horizontal bore installation in Massachusetts on the Welcome page



February 2015: a typical vertical loop installation:



And inspecting the grout operation in mid March:


Many horizontal loop designs occurring now. Pictures as they are installed.
Design in Litchfield, CT      Tolland, MA,      Marlboro, NY,       Ohio, etc.  Helped with loop in Canada.





Litchfield Geothermal digs pit to control drill cuttings on existing house front lawn.



Look for new signs being placed by Litchfield Geothermal and other installers statewide.


More geothermal retrofit installations  


 This six ton heat pump is one reason why 3 recent customer clients referred us to their friends.

At a social gathering, the happy owner expressed how pleased she was with her low electric bills after our installation.


 Geothermal pipe loop placed into drilled borehole. 

Can happen at your home too, instead of burning heating oil.

 Heat Pump and flow center connected to that loop.

 Homeowners now enjoying ground heat.



I was honored to be asked to be one of the Opening National Trainers

at the Annual IGSHPA Conference in Baltimore October 13, 2014.

Schedule pdf

I taught contractors about heat loss and gain in a house as an ACCA EPIC instructor,

and about proper geothermal heat pump sizing.



Later, with other Connecticut Geothermal Contractors, I wear white slacks below.



Peter J. Tavino Jr. PEPC / Litchfield Geothermal is now an approved Energize Connecticut contractor Smart-E Contractor and CHIF Contractor offering geothermal financing interest free to $15,000, or up to $40,000.




This 15 year old heat pump originally served by an open loop system in Connecticut.

Closed loop was installed and a new heat pump was installed.






Here is the Bosch Software image of pond coils designed, pending a Wetlands permit.




Our kind of geothermal was in the newspaper twice this week:  Hartford Courant article mentions Pete


Thanks John McKenna for this lively newspaper article on Morris, CT in the Waterbury Republican American!      Clients who read this have hired me.




 Summer, 2014 same U-bend loop being placed in one of three boreholes.




Avon, CT   installing a ground loop borehole, with the homeowner client.


I offered IGSHPA Accredited Installer Training: August 11, 12 and 13 in Sturbridge, Mass.

Contact me for future enrollment details. 


How CEFIA and DEEP can work with the geothermal industry
to advance Geothermal in Connecticut  - June 6, 2014
Reasons for Connecticut Ground Source Energy Use:
* Ultimately saves long term operating cost in Connecticut buildings for many years into the future.
* Reduces peak air conditioning electricity needs on record hot days, when grid is most stressed.
* Insures against price hikes in heating oil, propane, wood pellets, natural gas and firewood.
* Reduces particulate emission air pollution from chimneys, because there is no combustion.
* No Carbon Monoxide risk or monitors required for this safe process.
* No chance of gas explosion during transport or piping process.
* Underground system is immune from hurricanes. (why Sandy rebuilders are installing geo now.)
* Installed ducts feature proper air circulation versus baseboard heating for better Indoor Air Quality.
* Lower heating temperatures (110°F vs 150°F for fossil fuel source) help sinuses with higher humidity.
* Local employment of tax paying heating contractors, excavators, well drillers, electricians, designers.
* Dependable American made heat pumps with long warranties for Connecticut purchasers.
* No maintenance required, except simple homeowner air filter changes every few months.
* Vastly reduced carbon dioxide emissions, equivalent to removing a car from the road or planting trees.
* Takes advantage of high thermal conductivity Connecticut rock at 1.6 or 1.7 as often tested, vs 1.4 avg.



 The typical detail for use by all, copyright free.

We won a major state engineering award for our Habitat for Humanity Geothermal Project. Nine of us at the awards dinner.



Habitat for Humanity Executive Director Dawn Whalen and Pete with the award plaque.  Thanks to all who are contributing.





Ground breaking February 12, 2014 with the Connecticut Geothermal Association volunteering on the Habitat for Humanity retrofit project.

Feb. 12, 2014 email received: 

Hi Pete,
     I just wanted to say thanks for teaching the geothermal training class in Auburn the past few days.

I find geothermal very interesting and your enthusiasm during class made learning that much easier.

I hope all goes well with your Habitat project today. Your involvement, I believe, is a great example of how business should be done.
     Thanks again! I look forward to the possibility of our paths crossing again in the future!
Lee P.
Schoonover Plumbing & Heating, NY

See TV and public radio coverage on the Welcome Page.






This project involves a new house later built here, with full site and geothermal design. Client has geothermal we installed a few years ago, and is downsizing to another house, again with geothermal designed by Litchfield Geothermal.

Thanks to all who joined me Nov 4 when I presented a two hour slide show to the Connecticut Society of Professional Engineers.

And congratulations to new installers trained by me in Baltimore December 3, 4 & 5, 2013 and Auburn, NY.  Feb. 9-11, 2014, for full IGSHPA workshops.

I was pleased to again be asked by HeatSpring and Phoenix Energy Supply to run them.    


We documented what was going on in this 1500' deep standing column well near the Hudson River.


18 boreholes, fully designed and inspected by Litchfield Geothermal in Middletown, CT.  


Congratulations Scott for a great install of this 3 ton heat pump with hot water. I am pleased we tested it at over 4.0 COP efficiency. Pete

PS Notice flow center for the two ton system through doorway.

Geothermal conferences are important. Peter is eighth from right. February 2013.  

 Peter was asked to return and hold an IGSHPA Training session in September, 2013.    The 19 new installers shown below enjoyed it.

And another successful workshop was conducted February 9, 10 and 11, 2014.

Peter, You did a great job and I appreciate all that you do! We are planning some training in February, tentatively 2/9-11 for IGSHPA Cert. starting at noon on Sunday the 9th, ending at 5 on Tuesday the 11th, Wednesday will be a “Beyond IGSHPA Day that I will put together, Thursday & Friday will be a wide open session with a mixture of short (35-45 minute presentations by our customers) and some other nuggets sprinkled in. We are still formulating the plan, but if you are available, I’d like you to do the IGSHPA thing again… Cheers, John



Nov 24, 2013 (from a homeowner): Pete, It's In! 

I gave it the "parallel test" Wednesday and Thursday where I hooked it up to the water and electric but not the ductwork to just let it heat my furnace room and basement, I was getting 107 degrees at the air supply opening. Then last night I ran the oil furnace to get the house to 75 this morning in anticipation of the switchover. I started at 8 and had the old furnace out by 10. Got the heat pump in position in an hour and spent the afternoon making from scratch a flexible isolation collar and then making my sheet metal transition to it. I don't have the return air box and transition built yet, so for now it's using the furnace room as a plenum :) I'm getting good flow from my return air vents on the ground floor anyway (I have the upstairs ducts closed for now). I'm getting 89 degrees at my supply registers. I love my infra-red laser-sighted thermometer gun! You have to do the other part of your house with one of these geo... units! They are pretty sweet! All stainless steel body and very compact. And cheap!


Fall,. 2013: Hey Pete, just figured I’d shoot you a message and let you know I powered on the system yesterday. It works! It was amazing to see it pumping out heat from the ground. The incoming water was 62.5 degrees and the outgoing was 57. The air out of the heat pump was 112 degrees and I was reading around 97 at the grill. The house was 72. Now I just need to pick up a water tank and hook up the hot water generator. Thanks for all your help! It seems everyone I tell about this is interested in learning more information. The guy who did the duct work (John Goncalves) wanted your contact info, so I sent him your email address. He runs an HVAC company, Litchfield County Mechanical. Once I finish up the HWG I’ll show it off to you! Thanks,


 2013    Pete,
Thanks for the invitation. I will have to pass up on it this time because of work commitments, but it is something I would like to see.
Your website was great like that because it showed more of the nuts and bolts about the geothermal process.

Pete and David,

Feel free to call or e-mail me anytime if you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment.

Good luck with the Geo. We have it in our home and absolutely love it.


Ron Samuelson  Home Energy Consultants, Inc. 


Hi Pete...  Remember me?
I really should have followed up with you after getting the system up and running.  I have a bunch of stories I would love to share with you.   Basically the system work great - my wife swears it costs $25/month to heat our house but that can't be right. 



Hiring you was clearly a good decision.



Horizontal Loop being installed in 2008.

Peter heat fuses a manifold.

   Peter cores through foundation wall.

   Tremie pipe pumps grout in borehole.

Albany candidates take the NATE test.

   Bentonite grout and U-bend in casing.


2" single loop in 7' deep horizontal trench.    Typical package Heat Pump.



Our new copyrighted 20 minute funny video explaining geothermal !

Starting in September, 2013, Simply Geothermal is being made available to the public for free on youtube.



  Not really



International Ground Source Heat Pump Association- 2012 Plaque Awarded Trainer



TRAINER of Installers, CGD

AI ID # 18885-0209

North American

Technician Excellence

Heating & Cooling Professional

and Proctor

New England Geothermal

Professional Association


Certified GeoExchange Designer





Connecticut Geothermal Association (Standards Chairman)


Association of Energy Engineers       



US Green Buildings Council LEED AP



 Trained, Former - Building Performance Institute BPI - Building Analyst 1

Past member ACCA - Air Conditioning Contractors of America

2014-2019 - ACCA EPIC Manual J8, Manual D and Manual S Certified Instructor

6 year member ending 2013 - Board of Trustees, Litchfield Historical Society

Former member, Board of Directors, Columbia University Engineering Alumni Association

Past Associate Member ASHRAE, American Society of Heating Refrigerating & A. C. Engineers





Member and former

headquarters employee

  NATIONAL and CONNECTICUT          CT  LIcensed Septic Installer

               SOCIETY OF

    PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERS             OSHA Trained Rigger



Here's how we answered the April, 2013 Connecticut Geothermal Association company questionnaire

Peter J. Tavino Jr. PE PC
1.) Are you a geothermal loop designer?
     A.) CGD  Yes 24548-0209
     B.) Professional Engineer  Yes  CT 14034 NY 056782
2.) Geothermal vertical bore installer?
     IGSHPA Accredited?  Yes V10543-0810
3.) Geothermal horizontal loop field installer?
     IGSHPA Accredited?  Yes 18885-0209
4.) Geothermal pond/lake loop installer?
     IGSHPA  Accredited? Yes  18885-0209
5.) Geothermal-HVAC System designer?
     A.) Engineer  Yes   CT 14034
     B.) Contractor No But working with licensed HVAC contractor
6.) Geothermal-HVAC system installer?
      A.) Licenses. (you may list multiple states) No But working with licensed HVAC contractor
      B.) QA Contractor (Energy star 3)  No (Was QA, but let credential expire because of high fee dues)

Approved contractor on Energize Connecticut with Eversource

7.) Geothermal-HVAC system service. No  But working with licensed HVAC contractor
8.) Does your company install systems in:
     A.) Residential applications (loops) Yes (HVAC) No But working with licensed HVAC contractor
     B.) Light Commercial applications (loops) Yes (HVAC) No But working with licensed HVAC contractor
     C.) Large Commercial/Schools (loops) No (design only) (HVAC) No But working with licensed HVAC contractor
If you want to add anything else feel free.
We act as building owner's designer and consultant.
Perform ACCA J & N Heat Loss calculations.
We use inside & outside licensed subs selected by owner. Or work with licensed HVAC contractor
We help homeowner Do it Yourselfers.
Vertical Loop Grouting Inspection & Testing.
We install on line G.S.heat pump monitoring.
 IGSHPA Trainer  T1195-0610 -  LEED AP
 NATE  5369706  -  Thermal Conductivity Certified Tester


After the first years successfully doing GeoExchange Design, certification has been extended until 2017, (and then beyond).


Please see the site Welcome Page with this month's updates on the Welcome  link above.


Peter Tavino, PE,  CGD,   AI, LEED AP,  860-567-4604

or cell if immediate need 860-459-8279 or

Business Owner and Site Webmaster as pictured from

 Eversource Selling Energy Seminar December 2015